Monday, March 17, 2008

MATTA FAiR 15032008

As requested here's a post on my trip to MATTA FAIR on last friday. The day start off from 12pm or roughly 12pm as I can recall about it. Went to the Matta fair with my cousin and some of her friends. Cut the story short. Reach there around 1pm. Park my car at Hentian Putra bus station and we walk over to PWTC and meet up with my cousin's friends follow by purchasing our entrance ticket. As usual the ticket price will be RM3 per entry come free with a bag. This time the bag is bit bigger like a sling bag for you to put more brochure.

Our main target was Hall 3 but since we need to start off from Hall 1 which is the domestic travel fair. We didn't miss the chance to survey around on some local travel package. Then after awhile there we proceed on to Hall 2 which this part of area have more booth selling Asian tour package. Didn't stop by here for long then we proceed to Hall 3. From here we start our ticket hunting. Go booth by booth asking for ticket pricing. Spend about 15 to 20 minutes in each of the booth because all the Travel Consultant need to check the avail of the ticket and the pricing.

Going around all these booth was dam tiring until my cousin suggested to go for a lunch break then decide whether to continue or not since she have her own plan later on and also if she continue with her plan she will leave me alone to continue with ticket hunting. But at the end she decided to postpone her plan and continue with our ticket hunting So off we go for our lunch break at The Mall. Long time never visit this place. I think I had only been here like few times until can be counted with 10 fingers :S. It was very crowded that day until mostly all the restaurant and fast foot outlet full house. But luckily we manage find a place in one of the restaurant for us to have our lunch.

After that we continue with our ticket hunting until the evening and at last at the end we had so call found our intended best bargain price over there. But where? Not in Matta fair but outside Matta fair where they have this Reliance fair in Seri Pac hotel ballroom on the same day which located just beside PWTC entrance. When we had decided to purchase the ticket we hit an obstacle, the date that we had chosen to travel had to be postpone or change to a later days due after reconfirm with my oversea cousin. She will be taking her exam on the mention travel date. So due to this we had postpone it a week later and recheck on the avail of the ticket for the later date. After few minutes asking the Travel Consultant to check on the flight avail we manage to find the flight ticket that fall within our new travel date but more expensive by RM100.

Due to we had spend too much time there and getting tired my cousin and I agree to get these ticket. But not sure was it due to GOD will we hit another obstacle. My cc limit couldn't allow me to purchase the flight ticket so I called up cc center to ask for a temp limit increase. Guess what?? They don't have temp increase but a permanent increase and if I'm interested with this I'll need to send in the necessary document to request for the increase but will only be done within 2 working days :S.

Too bad I can't wait that long cause the time is ticking. The price that I'm getting is Matta fair price. So decided just temp book the ticket free of charges and come back the next day to make the payment. So we just went back after that and guess what happen? The next day I didn't went back to Matta fair. I found out that Mas website was having Matta fair promo and the price was more cheaper compare to Matta fair :S. Straight without thinking much told my cousin about it and we book and make online payment for it. During this time making the online payment was a big headache cause I can't cover the whole payment and I temp can't find anyone to help out until Afoi came online and ask his help and he offer his help without any hesitation ( TQ AFOI, u r da best) :D.. but too bad at this time I still can't proceed cause I don't have my cousin's passport particular and when I call her up she said she was outside fetching her parents back from airport and she can't remember her own particular and ask to wait for her to go home.

Since her parents are back from trip. She mention that her dad can use his cc to pay first for the ticket and noneed to trouble my friend. So without any more delay I let my cousin make the booking and the payment. At the end we manage to book our flight ticket after all the obstacle. ;) from the internet and not from Matta fair. So what we had learn in all of these? Go figure :P


Blogger ED said...

going where for the coming trip?

11:44 am  
Blogger afoi said...

nia seng ! u no blog no blog, once blog.. so long! :S

3:13 pm  
Blogger fei said...

ed: u edi know so no need to tell u :P

afoi: lol.. cause i got ohm to blog that's why can write long :D

5:28 pm  

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