Friday, November 16, 2007

Some email are hard to type

Some email are hard to type. Don't think too far. I'm just talking about typing out an email to pin point someone's mistake with the nicest way possible and indirectly pointing at the person. It's a work related issue. Nothing to do with my colleague in office. Just some issue with my colleague over far far away land or should i call them as my juniors. From the land of spices and bolywood.

Here's the story. Yesterday night received a call from the junior requesting some assistant. The junior gave me the info on which property and the property id to access. So I just remote to the property site to do some findings and find a solution for the problem. But found there's nothing wrong with the property so I just check the property name and id to make sure I had remote to the correct property.

Found out that I had remote to the wrong property all because the information given by my junior was wrong and the junior somehow got the wrong info from user. Luckily haven't done any patching at that particular property else will have plenty of shit picking to do.

Due to this issue my boss request me to send out a nice email to my junior's lead to highlight on the junior mistake and also serve as a friendly reminder to other junior not to make the same mistake again. So this morning took out sometime to type out the email. Took few hour typing it because need to reconstruct my words so it will sound nicely and not too harsh on the junior. Also don't want later they have vengeance towards me as I know how it felt if received such email. Didn't know such email will be hard to type hopefully no need to send out anymore nice letter.


Blogger afoi said...

fuck u lead! kuch kuch hota hey!

* * * *
I think thats sweet enough

5:06 pm  
Blogger fei said...

u sound so gay.

3:33 am  

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