Saturday, December 24, 2005

Xmas Eve

Yeah, it's Xmas eve and also mark the 2nd day of my rest day :D. So what have i done for today? Good question. Nothing.. coz feel dam dam tiring.. I can't believe it that i slept throught the whole morning.. Oh my god.. I woke up at 3pm. Lol.. long time din wake up so late especially at this time. Just took my shower and also my brunch. Hopefully tonite will able to sleep early or so call earlier abit.

Maybe not :P. COz tonite there a plan with my ex secondary school frens to pick up my fren from KLIA airport around 10.30pm. My fren who is studying in Japan will be coming back for a short holiday. So most probably celebrating Xmas eve in the car on the way back home to my fren house or will have a small get together session. I wonder how he going to be like after about 1 years plus didn't see him. How much have he change after 1 year plus?.


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