Monday, December 19, 2005

Whole (Some) November Activity

Hello everyone. How's everyone doing? Seems like it have been quite a long time long i didn't blog. I think it should be around 2 month i didn't blog :P. I'll just blog abit on wat have i done.

Last month, November. I were busy with my work ;p. Been busy with attachment training. Went to on site attachment with my senior at client side, TRBD Hotel. Stayed there for about 4 days. Over there just busy helping out to setup all the software application and make sure it's in working condition so the hotel can use it during the "Live". Life during standby have been kinda nice in the sense of noneed to worry so much about troubleshooting case in the office :D. During the stay at TRBD Hotel got a chance to enjoy a new setting of a brand new hotel and also to use all the new stuff ;p. Also got some chance to meet some new friends :D


While waiting for the person incharge to bring me into the front office i decided to take picture of the hotel lobby.

My room sweet room for 4 days

My room sweet room for 4 days in the hotel. Don't know to be happy or sad coz able to stay in hotel for so long :/.

Outside view

Nothing to do during the nite ;p

My workplace for 4 days

This where i'll work for 4 days. Actually not only but some other hotel department oso.

After a month of so call hard days work ;p. Will be going off for holiday :D. Will blog about this later ;). Stay tune :p


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