Thursday, December 22, 2005

Numb3rs to be remember (TRIP ID #2911052031205) ;P

After few week of delay. Finally i'm updating something in my blog ;p :P. I'll blog about my recent holiday trip as promise :D but wouldn't be in such in-depth detail since Afoi had already blog about it in his blog: (Day1) Hong Kong Trip. Yippie! End of last month got a chance to go for a relaxing (might need to predefine the word relaxing after been walking for most of the time during the trip :P) and enjoying HK trip. Went together with Afoi, Princess and her frenz. Also got a chance to meet up with Bento in HK coz he was on business trip at a nearby country.

All of us did experiance some culture shock when 1st arrived in HK coz everything is different including the HK ppl behaviour. First time on the HK street you will notice everyone walking fast. Talking about KL Msian ppl walking fast. Over here much more faster. Including the escalator. Need some time to adjust to it but luckily after awhile we were able to get used to it ;). Then the living expenses here really very high compare to Msia. Especially for food. Prepare to spend about RM30++ for a set of meals but no worries. Even though it will burn your wallet it will also make your money worth while coz it will be in a very big portion and you will eat until dam full.

Although we took a "free and easy trip". It really a very nice trip and a memorable one too especially things tat involved numb3rs ;). Sorry if the photos not in a very good quality coz i took it using my humble N6600 handphone. If you wanna see some quality HK photos. Go check out Afoi's blog Hong Kong Trip. ;)

KLIA Airport
Took this photo while waiting for Afoi. After some consideration. Afoi decided to launch his massive war plan before boarding the plane. Afoi busy bombarding some tiny country with his fighterjet plane. Code name "Operation Toilet Bowl".

First Impression
This is my first impression of Hong Kong building. It really bring in a new meaning of slim and tall. Walau.. so slim and tall. You will have to be there to Witness your self. A very big different in size compare to Msia building. Dunno the building will able to width stand the wind or not.

Shop Lot Houses
Some shoplot houses near the hotel. The place is cramp with all this kind of building. When i say cramp. I really mean it. Coz all the buiding is really build very close to each and other.

Taxi, Police, Bus
Yeah! Got a chance to see the real HK red taxi and the Police van that we normally see in those TVB show. Oh yah and also in this picture. You able to see the front head of the mini van bus ;p.

Light Decoration
Run! run! It's raining lights ;p. Took this photo during the evening marathon by walking through and back the 7 same old streets. Even though the suffering. Took some time to enjoy this place before continuing with the marathon. It's a very nice lightings scenery especially with the wind blowing.

HK Big Ben
No worries if u can't visit London to see Big Ben. Just visit HK. Hong Kong very own Big Ben's clock tower.

Bruce Lee Statue
The legendary Kung Fu master, Bruce Lee. Took this photo along the Avenue Of Stars. This is also the same place where you able to see the famous light show.

Octopus Card
One of the essential utilities to survive in HK beside $$$. The Octopus card. It function same as our Msia's Touch N Go card. But this card is really much more useful. Coz you really can use it on all of HK public transports. :D. SO convinient and it doesn't stop there. You can also use it at thier convinient stores like 7-Eleven and fast food centers like McD. Nice. Wonder when will Msia able to catch up.

The Peak
Middle of Middle of The Peak at day light. Nice view. But night view much more nicer especially on top of The Peak.

DisneyLand Fountain
The picture say it all. Noneed for me to explain furthur ;p. Okilar for those who don't know. This is the Disneyland fountain located near the entrance :D

DineyLand Fountain
Mickey Mouse surfing on a surf board on top of a whale. Took this picture whole waiting for the Disneyland entrance ticket.

Lion King Show Stage
Waiting for the Lion King Show to begin. This is the stage with multi-function. The stage will raise up and down following the lion king story.

Starting of the Lion King Show
The Lion King show begin. All the cast member starting to come out.

Lion King Show Finale
Ending of the show. Can see Simba the Lion King meowing away and other characters doing the finale. Great show. :D

Buzz Light Year Final Score
Errrr.. No comment on this. I'll just find a corner and stand beside it. Tutu.

That's all the photos from my side. Will visit HK again if got the money chance :D. For more intresting photos do check out Afoi's blog :

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