Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Xmas!

At last Xmas is here again. Ho Ho Ho.. Merry Xmas everyone :D. So..... celebrate the xmas morning by accidently overslept until 3pm :S. Shit! tonite definately going to die. Cannnot sleep early then tomorrow morning sure can't wake up. Wish me all the best :p.

Yesterday nite came back home kinda late. After fetching my fren from airport. We went for a yamcha session with the rest of my ex-secondary fren. We ask about how his life there in Japan. Seems not bad although my fren have been Japan for about 1 year plus. He doing well in his education and also his part-time job. He is one hell of a hardworking person coz doing 3 part-time job. Anyway with his partime job in Japan. He is able to sustain his education fee and also other stuff including getting a extremely espensive RM10K Japan driving license. Walau! Can you imagine spending 10k just for a driving license in Malaysia. Definately not many ppl will wanna take up driving and definately will have lesser traffic jam and road accident. But base on what my fren said. Even with the expensive driving license. In Japan there's still heavy traffic jam at the city area. My fren bought all of us some souvenior from Japan. All of us got a Initial D Car key chain. Nice :D. After spending few hour there. Time to go back.

Ok come back to this Xmas afternoon. So after my shower. Send out some sms to ask for any plan. Sad.. dun have any good positive reply :S.. Tutu.. Since no plan and outside started to rain heavily. Decided just to stay at home for a while and spend some time watching some taiwan drama show over Astro. After the rain started to stop. Drove the car out to the nearby supermarket to get some daily necessity. Then go hunt for Coffee Bean coz still got a free drink coupon tat will expired today. Talk about beeing kiasu :P. After that went back home. Now i'm back home doing nothing. So as usuall when i have nothing to do. I'll start to take the free time to blog ;).

A blog a day or some update will keep someone from complaining ;p. Cheers N Merry Xmas. Do have a wonderful xmas :D


Blogger sk said...

Aiya.. got coffee bean voucher never invite me minum la...

you kiasu.. but no kiasi [i'll kill you!!!]

8:40 am  
Blogger fei said...

tutu... i'm innocentleh ;p. coz i have edi ask u got any plan or not woh.. u see.. u see.. dun reply back my sms lar.. miss out coffee bean edi ;p

9:15 am  
Blogger ED said...

"A blog a day or some update will keep someone from complaining...". complaining? what u mean "complaining"? who complaining? who is that? who is that? who who who....???? :P

4:33 pm  

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