Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hetic Day

After a good nite rest. I felt very refresh and energize this morning :D. So went to work as usual. Didn't able to get a free copy of the Sun newspaper from Klcc station today. Wonder wat happen to the newpaper guy. Did guy fell into some longkang? Didn't bother with it so just walk towards my work place. It drizzle abit this morning while walking from KLCC to my work place.

After reaching off just started the work day with a cup of BOH tea. WHy i drink Boh tea this morning coz "Ada umphh dengan BOh" ;p. This morning the boss have only assign 3 person on duty including myself. So the day didn't turn out quite good for all of us coz not enough of man power to handle all the incoming calls and cases. SO all of us were bombarded with heavy workload. It a most hetic and busy day for me after working here for about 2 month plus. Didn't enjoy the day. As the time passes by i keep watching the clock and ask my colleague why the time passes so slow :S. My colleague jokingly said to me time to look for a new job asap. Lol.

So when the time struck 7.30pm. I felt so relief that i can go home and also becos starting tomorrow i'll off for 3 days :D. Quickly pass over all the pending case to my next shift colleague and go back. I'll feel glad i'm off for 3 days but somehow feeling not soo glad coz i'll be working on New Year eve and also on New Year. Thinking of this making me feel sad. Better dun think so much and just enjoy the rest day :/


Blogger afoi said...

yoz.... all the best to ya work...

10:28 am  
Blogger fei said...

thanx.. wish myself the same too :)

7:16 pm  

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