Monday, December 26, 2005

Blurn day

Wake up at 6.00am with a heavy heart preparing to work :(. Wait.. Wait.. i said it wrongly i shouldn't said wake up coz for whole nite i didn't able to sleep. Shit! The whole nite just stay awake lying on the bed. Can't sleep. Dunno is it because of last week working nite shift had affected my sleeping time or maybe because of yesterday overslept. So with a very blur blur state went to shower and prepare to work.

My mom was kindly enough to fetch me to the lrt station. Today there isn't much ppl waiting for the lrt compare to the normal day so got chance to sleep sit down along the way to KLCC. While on the way to work i keep on telling my self why do i need to work on a public holiday? :( and feel very moody. Anyway after reaching office not much for me to complaint during work time coz there isn't much for me to do for today. There's no call coming in. Feeling abit happy becos of this but didn't really enjoy the day much coz spend my whole day feeling blur.

During lunch time decided to go out with my colleague so that i can freshen my mind. We went to KLCC to tah pau for other colleague and also for ourself . Spend sometime there before going back to office :D. After we went back to the office. We enjoyed our meal then continue back doing our own stuff. While waiting for the next shift to come in. Spend the time watching the movie "The Myth" that my colleague just downloaded recently. At last got my chance to watch it and i found it not bad.

So when time to go back. I quickly pack up and hurry home. SO now i'm feeling very very blur right now while blogging this ;p. I guess time for me to end this and go to sleep. Before i go just wanna wish everyone Happy Boxing Day :D


Blogger ED said...

u really blur liao ler, blur blur until the title also "Blurn" liao. wake up lor...

11:15 am  

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