Monday, October 24, 2005


It's Moonday again... Starting of a new week. Nothing to happy about coz it's Monday mood :S. As usual wake up around 6.30am. Yes! THis is my daily actual wake time. After prepared myself. I'll leave my house around 7.20am. Then head toward the nearby bus stop. Oh yah! u must be thinking did i say something wrong. Nope, u didn't read wrongly when i said i walk to a bus stop. I'm taking our beloved Malaysia public transport to work :S. That is taking a feeder bus to the nearby lrt station, Taman Bahagia. It have been a week for me taking feeder bus and lrt to work.

The reason why i'm taking lrt is because i'm kinda sick of getting stuck in the jam when going to work and going back home. Anyhow i do have other thing to get sick about now but somehow i'm still able to tolerate which is cram in a sardin can. Meaning every morning i'll need to get cram together in a lrt with alot of passanger.

After i reach KlCC station. I'll need to walk to office. Today i reach office abit coz the stupid feeder bus arrive late. Late about 10 min. This is wat i hate about taking the feeder bus. Never come on time :S. Luckily i'm still having my training so nothing much to worry about coming to work late and no need to worry about any punch card or late login :D. Straight on my office pc and will need to start the most important application. MSN messenger ;p. Then i'll proceed to open up the browser and read the online newspaper :D. After awhile it's time for briefing. Every morning we will have a briefing session to tok about case that handle by the agent. Currently for my part. I have nothing to report coz i'm still having my training session. After the training session it's time to wait for lunch. TOday lunch will be having together with the gang. Went to KLCC for lunch. Spend an hour there and then back to office.

When the time struck 3pm. Time for training yeah!. SOmething to learn today. But the training didn't started at 3pm sharp :S. The trainner only came in the training room around 4pm. Shit not a good sign for him to come in so late coz it's mean we woudln't able to go back on time. As predicted the training ended around 6pm. Luckly one of my colleague need to go back early so the trainner said will continue the next day.

After tat straight prepare to go back. Head toward KLCC again and took the lrt back to Taman Bahagian station and took the feeder bus back home. Kinda luckily today becos didn't rain and able to reach home with a dry shirt :D.


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