Thursday, October 13, 2005

erm erm .. still no training ar?

Day passes by each day.. Today is Thursday.. Yesterday was Wednesday... Tomorrow is Friday......

As usual woke up around 6am.. wait.. this morning woke up abit late abit.. tat's around 6.30am. Went to take my shower then dress up and prepare to work. Went out around 7........30. Actually as the week pass by i'm able to adjust to the time whereby i'll try to be late abit by few min to go out from my house. Previously i'll tend to go out at 7am but now i'll go out around 7.30am. In between the time i'll just lepak around to wait for the time to pass. Then go grab my car and drive to work.. At this time once i reach the Federal (JAM like no ppl business) Highway, i'll just call it FH for short. I'll start to spend sometime on the strecth of the FH queuing up (jam) to reach KL. This normally will took me about 30 to 40 min to reach KL. Once reach KL the traffic flow somehow will be abit better because nowdays the traffic police are really making use of the tax payer money by directing traffic and making a smoother flow of traffic and not just onli know their normal routine which is saman ppl.

Then it basically all the way to my work place without much hassle of jam. Yeah!! once in awhile might need to stop at some traffic light where there's isn't any police traffic directing the traffic. Soooo happy no need to stuck in jam in KL so early in the morning :D.. Hope this will stay on! or else i'll be very very sad edi. Once reach near my office. I'll just park my car at the open car park near the TA building or near Passion. They only charge RM3.50 per-entry in the morning!!! Yes.. u didn't see me type wrongly on the parking rate :D.. It can be consider the cheapest parking rate that u can find near KLCC :D. So not much complaint on the parking part. Btw bewarn! Don't park at night coz it will be much expensive. It's either RM5 or RM10 per-entry. The parking rate at that area will double or triple up around 6pm.

Then once i park my car. I'll just walk to the office. Which will be about a 10min walk for me from the car park to my office. Okilor can't complaint much on walking coz it's cost saving then parking at those car park which is very near to my office. Then once reach my office. I'll head towards the training room. Oh yeah.. from the day one when i enter into this company. I still haven't have my actual place to sit coz they say they still setting up the call center room. They say the room will be ready by next month November. So you guys wouldn't be see me on a normal day basis in msn or maybe in real life edi :P.

Since i'm base in the training room. I still got nothing to do yet. Not too mention any training. Actually got training oso but also just a brief training or some very basic training while the actuall training say will start from day one. Yet until now still haven't started yet. So u will always see me onlining in MSN using available mode. It's kinda rear to see me on available mode last time ;p in my previous job. So basically i'll just online. Look for someone to chit chat or find some other non work related thing to do ;p. Seems like everday routine is like reach office will wait for time for lunch. Then after lunch will wait for time to go home. Kinda sien sometimes coz got nothing to do. Then another thing i kinda enjoying it rite now is i can go home on time and go home at a normal working hour which is 5.30pm. Wooohoo! But the happiness will onli last for few minutes coz by the time i get my car and drove out from the parking lot. I'll start to prepare for a massive stupid jam to go home. Normally i'll need to encounter 3 phases of jam or should i say a 3 different places of jam.

First i'll stuck in a jam from my parking place which is the KLCC area.. Jam there for awhile. Then once i reach the bukit bintang area which is near Time Square there. I'll still need to jam for awhile also. Until i reach FH.. I'll jam for awhile or sometime longer :/. THen at last i'm able to reach home after 1 to 2hours of jam :S.. IT's also all the depend on the traffic situation on tat day. :/. Currently i'm thinking to take lrt becos of the kinda sien with the time stuck inside the jam. But still in a thinking process.

ANyway for today.. should i say luckily or should i say unlucky today becos i had a meeting after work to discuss about the 24 hours work schedule tat going to be launch soon. SO went back kinda abit late. By the time the meeting ended. THe rain started and it was kinda heavy. Waited for awhile then walk to to get my car. Offer to fetch my fren my from the office to the lrt station. After fetch them i straight away head back home. This time around the traffic had subsided :D.

So once reach home. Went to took my shower. Then have my dinner. Then after a while of watching some show on WLT. It's time for my date with Chow Kong's Daughter which will be around 9pm or 10pm. Yeap! i do sleep at this time and pls don't be mistaken i onli sleep around 1 or 2 or later in the midnight :P. SO that's all folk's on my current daily life ;p


Blogger Yy's said...

so cham ar... but i used 1 hr 15 mins reach home wor...y u so late?

12:56 pm  
Blogger fei said...

why late ar? i had explain in the blog edi.. coz of the stupid jam lor :S.. very charm.. the route that i take very jam.

2:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dun know how to read chinese??
really surprise to me......
becoz i know some of malaysian...they all know chinese i think u can lor...ok lah..from now on...i type in English lor...but...i hate english so much..Kakakaka...

8:54 pm  
Blogger fei said...

haha sorry to disappoint u lar.. coz i'm a banana. i can onli speak but can't really read :P. so thank you lor for compromising ;). btw may i know where r u from?

3:32 pm  
Blogger ED said...

i guess she is from Hong Kong lor, right? leng leng..

3:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:52 pm  
Blogger ED said...

好勁?? I am not 勁, i know u r from HK cause the words that u type is in cantonese way ma. if u use the mandarin way then i will not sure lar, anyway u should write in english cause fei can't really read chinese but he can speak cantonese very well.

11:32 am  

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