Thursday, June 02, 2011

A day on an emotional roller-coaster ride

A day on an emotional roller-coaster ride. It all started on Wednesday morning by overslept. I somehow manage to wake up at around 9am. Got a feeling that today wouldn't be an easy day to pass through. Rush out to work. While on the way to enter the MEX highway. Notice that I forgot my wallet and my support phone. So quickly take detour out from the MEX entrance and look for a U-turn to turn back to go back home. Since I'll definitely be late. Quickly sms my boss to inform her that I accidentally over slept and will reach office a bit late. Reach home grab for my wallet but my support phone no where to be seen. As I'm already running late. So no choice but to come back later at night to search for my support phone.

Manage to reach office an hour later. Did a quick search in my car for my support phone but no where to be found. :S. So went up to my office. My boss didn't say anything and start my work with kinda sad mood. Surprisingly today's workload not that heavy. Took sometime to prepare some troubleshooting guide tutorial for my colleague. Went out for lunch as usual. Nothing unusual happen during lunch. Phew!

After went back to office. When to check out my email on my table reservation. No reply yet. So posted a message on the The Mill fb page. After sometime. Got a reply which make me much more down. Was inform that they can't find my reservation. It boils me up. Ask them for explanation but totally reply yet. So try to call them up but can't get through their line not until later of the day where I manage to find out that my reservation was confirm and seems like they make a stupid mistake where they assume I have book for a dinner buffet and that's why they can't find my name on the dinner buffet list. But guess what seems like my assumption was long. Later I got an email replied to my earlier email stating my table reservation was confirm but somehow they mis spell my surname. So i guess this was the main reason they can't find my name the first time =.=".

Later at night went back home to search for my support phone. Luckily after searching high and low. At last I manage to find my support phone hidden under my scientific calculate. Yeah! felt pretty relax and prepared to go out for a movie session with my cousin. I thought the roller-coaster ride have ended. But something else happen.

Before leaving the house I had jot down the booking number and keep in my wallet. On the way to the cinema I make a detour to the petrol station to fill up my car with petrol. But seem like the credit card console on pump was acting up on me. So no choice but to walk into the cashier counter to make payment using cash. But behold seems like their credit card machine from cashier is working. So proceed to make payment using cc. Then move on for movie. Here's another fun thing happening. Reach the cinema counter to collect my tix but I somehow lost my booking number. So try my luck to collect the tix from the counter without the booking number by asking them whether I can get the tix from using other info. Was happy to hear that I collect my tix using my online user id and luckily they were able to find my tix and print it out. Phew!

So proceed on the cinema hall. Found the cinema hall and went in. While eagerly waiting for the movie to start. My cousin and I found there's something unusual. We waited for about 15 minute but projector screen still haven't start up yet as in no trailer and no ads. Then we start to suspect both of us was in the wrong cinema hall by double checking our cinema tix again. Guess what we did went to the wrong cinema. So quickly move our bud to the right cinema hall. Miss few second of the movie but did enjoyed the movie.

After the movie went to grab a quick supper and went home. Phew! seems like my ride have ended after the movie. It have been a quiet night after that. =)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Purging..... Completed

Year ...., The time where I'm not into writing a diary and blog wasn't create yet. Written in numbers of 10111.

Being carrying and storing you for quite sometime. Always feel too lazy or unwilling to purge you. Hmm... come to think of it about few years with me. Oh well.. time to take up the initiative to put into history typing and time to purge you out and leave you as a past and history forever.

As this is a new year 2011. Purging all old you out without regret. Goodbye, farewell, adios and bon voyage. Hello year 2011. Life continue as usual and enjoying every movement of it. With few enjoyable holiday gathering. Looking forward for a more happening things to do in the year 2011 8).

ps: Wishing everyone a great and wonderfull Happy New Year 2011

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Home Cooked Asam Laksa

Thanks to YenFen for providing a nice instant asam laksa recipe. Which suite me good in enough. Base on the recipe took up the challenge to try cooking out for today. Home alone again. Since not going anywhere for today and have plenty of time. Try to cook myself a meal. Cooking asam laksa for a first time but the instant version. Substitute canned sardine and fresh fish with canned mackerel. Turn out not too bad but still plenty of improvement. Portion wise manage to make it into two portion one for brunch and another for dinner. Next time need to buy har gou (shrimp paste) to complete the asam laksa experience.

Boiling the asam laksa soup base.
Asam Laksa Soup

Asam Laksa for lunch. Forgot to get the har gou. If not will be very jeng. :)

Asam laksa for dinner minus the bowl.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Vincent's Business Proposal

I received this in my email yesterday. First glance I thought it was the Vincent that i knew who send me an email and I was wonder what with the business proposal heading until i saw the actual sender name and the email adds. Another scam mail in my mailbox.

vincent hong

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What the heck is Surat Terdenda?

On 26/07/2010, reach home and found out that I got a POS notice card in brown colour asking me to go pickup a letter from them. My initial thought was this was a registered mail that sent to me when there wasn't anyone to sign for it. But after going through the second time.

Surat Terdenda Notice Card

Looking at the back of the card. Saw the title "Surat Terdenda". What the heck is Surat Terdenda? It was written there's a letter for me and I had been fine with 50cent!!!! ??? Why am I been fine for? No more details given except I'll need to go to the listed post office address in card to collect the letter and I'll able to collect it once I have pay the 50cent fine?? Hopefully I'm not collecting a summon or anything like that :/
Surat Terdenda Notice Card

After few days, went to the mention Post Office to collect the letter. Prior to this, thanks to Princess as she had manage to get some details for me of what's Surat Terdenda all about. Surat Terdenda is those letter that sent out to the receiver with insufficient postage or didn't affix any stamp to the letter. For my case it was insufficient postage. The sender might had forgotten the mailing rate had gone up and had stick a 30cent stamp instead of 60cent stamp. So due to this the letter was been withheld and I need to go collect it from the Post Office.
Surat Terdenda Stamp

Closer look at the stamp. This will be going to my Stamp album. It's not everyday you can get a 50cent denda stamp ;p. (Touch wood. Hope I don't need to go through this again)
Surat Terdenda Stamp

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My thumbdrive is waterproof, detergent and washing machine safe ;p

Long time never wrote type anything here. Just thought that I'll just mention about some incident with my thumb drive that I had it for quite sometimes. The thumb drive kinda have gone through a few rough time of it own. One is gone missing during a trip but at the end, found out that I accidentally misplace it somewhere in my travel bag.

The second time was just last 2 weekend ago. I accidentally left my thumb drive in my trousers pocket and without checking through the pocket I dump it into the washing machine. There goes my thumb drive going for a swim inside the washing machine without me knowing about it. It did gone through a rinse cycle too. By the time I did notice I lost or misplace my thumb drive. It was already tooooooo late as it was already the 2nd day. My trousers was already all dried up.

My initial thought was the thumb drive sure a gone case. When I found the thumb drive in the pocket. It was already all dried up with a bit of lemon fragrance from the detergent. :/. So in my heart I keep praying with a slight hope that the thumb drive with still work when I plug it into my comp.

I have prepared for the worst that the thumb drive might be dead and I'll need to fork up money to buy a new thumb drive. So slowly I take the courage to plug the thumb drive into the USB port and to my surprise walah!!! The yellow reading led light start to blink. WOooooohoooo! the comp start to read the thumb drive and the drive letter was loading. Check the content from the thumb drive and it was all still intact. :)

Next time would take more care of my thumb drive because I might not be so lucky the next time :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

360 Mt Datuk Panorama View

Mt Datuk, Rembau, Seremban (click for larger view)
360 Mt Datuk Panorama View