Thursday, July 15, 2010

My thumbdrive is waterproof, detergent and washing machine safe ;p

Long time never wrote type anything here. Just thought that I'll just mention about some incident with my thumb drive that I had it for quite sometimes. The thumb drive kinda have gone through a few rough time of it own. One is gone missing during a trip but at the end, found out that I accidentally misplace it somewhere in my travel bag.

The second time was just last 2 weekend ago. I accidentally left my thumb drive in my trousers pocket and without checking through the pocket I dump it into the washing machine. There goes my thumb drive going for a swim inside the washing machine without me knowing about it. It did gone through a rinse cycle too. By the time I did notice I lost or misplace my thumb drive. It was already tooooooo late as it was already the 2nd day. My trousers was already all dried up.

My initial thought was the thumb drive sure a gone case. When I found the thumb drive in the pocket. It was already all dried up with a bit of lemon fragrance from the detergent. :/. So in my heart I keep praying with a slight hope that the thumb drive with still work when I plug it into my comp.

I have prepared for the worst that the thumb drive might be dead and I'll need to fork up money to buy a new thumb drive. So slowly I take the courage to plug the thumb drive into the USB port and to my surprise walah!!! The yellow reading led light start to blink. WOooooohoooo! the comp start to read the thumb drive and the drive letter was loading. Check the content from the thumb drive and it was all still intact. :)

Next time would take more care of my thumb drive because I might not be so lucky the next time :)


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