Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Something to Ponder about

As some of you might know that I had went for a holiday trip in HK. But I'm not going to blog much about the trip first. Just something that I learn from the trip that make me ponder about.

There's an uncle who went along the trip and said something like "when you are old and you have all the money but you can't fully enjoy the trip because you are not as energetic as you were young and don't have much of the stamina too so you'll get tired easily but when you were young you were too busy with earning more money for a better life later on, so didn't have the chance to enjoy life much when you were energetic and full of stamina"

so when should a person enjoy life? enjoy life while young or enjoy life while old or little bit of both? I believe in a little bit of both. ;)


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