Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To FESS or not to FESS

After some thorough thinking. I guess I'll go on with FESS. But before final confirmation I'll need double check with company med plan to see whether the current plan cover the whole thing or not first. But still haven't update my parents on my decision ;p. Somehow find it difficult to inform my parents about this. Scared my parents will get very worry when I go through with FESS especially my mom. But anyhow they still need to know. If get some positive feedback from company med plan will most probably schedule doing FESS around July 09. Seems like month of July will be free from everything. No one getting marry right or having any rom? Will be on MC for 2 weeks and will stay out of heavy activity for these two weeks. Hmmmm......



Blogger ED said...

fei, i think u should think twice before go for FESS. Maybe u should consult the Chinese Medication before you go for the operation, as far as from what i know after the surgery, it will reduce your immune system.

9:23 am  
Blogger fei said...

hmmm. u gave me something to ponder about. before deciding on this. i have done some research. found some cons but didn't find any info on reduce immune system. anyhow will go ask the doc and see. thanks for the concern.

10:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why July? Should go for the surgery as early as possible...

Anway, I wish everything will be fine and OK...all the best!

8:54 pm  
Blogger afoi said...

all the best, dude!!!
if decided, do it quick
. take ur time to decide

9:02 pm  
Blogger fei said...

sk: like i told u. my condition not that serious. so i can still go through the pro and cons and arrange suitable time for me to go for surgery plus the surgery not cheap. need to have confirmation from my comp med insurance whether i'm able to claim back else have to save up first before can go with surgery. thanks for ur concern.

afoi: thanks for ur concern. we will know whether i had decided this July :P

9:38 pm  

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