Sunday, February 11, 2007

CNY Shopping Trips

It the year again.. What year you must be wondering. It's chinese new year time for joy and happiness :D. also not to mention time to gain more money for some and for some time to loose some money :P. Okilar not to good to say such word ;p.

Yesterday went out with the gang for some cny shopping. Oh this remind me of something. Which is to appologize to afoi's second uncle for not being punctual. Let him waited for 30min. Very sorry to afoi's second uncle. So afoi being such a nice person he became the driver for the day. He fetch me, bento and princess. We went to mv for the cny shopping.

For this year cny shopping. My target was searching for some new cny clothes and pants. This the time of the year where i'll be feeling hetic searching for the so call suitable clothes and pants. After going through few shops and tiring walk and also a short break by having our lunch and after going another round of cloth searching at last there's some result. I manage to buy burn my pocket by getting a tshirt, polo t and a jeans. At the same time. Afoi also manage to burn his pocket too by buying a shirt and a jeans. After i purchase my jeans i were require to wait for 1h and 30m for the alteration of my jeans coz to long.

Without wasting time so all of us went to jusco for cny shopping. Actually princess was the one who want to go jusco for cny shopping. afoi, bento and i just the servant kuli of the day to help her carry her things :P. After spending sometime there and princess getting all her require stuff it's time for me to get my jeans. Since not able to get any seat from any eateries. The gang head to the car 1st while i went to get my jeans. Then went to cars and we head home. Afoi drop us back one by one.

Before i forget have to thanks princess for the champange grape juice can drink and also not forgetting bento for suggesting indirect forcing princess to get us the drink ;p and afoi for fetching :D


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