Saturday, December 02, 2006

SKiped few month of blogging activity

I guess i had skipped about few month of blogging activity. It's due i'm sooooo lazy tied up with work and other stuff that i couldn't find time to blog about my life ;p. Just some stupid excuses to give myself just to make myself feel better ;p.

Since i have not been blogging much lately. So i'm just taking some opportunity to blog since i kinda free now in office. Making used of the time.. Never waste any time cause it's precious ;p.

Have been working morning for the past few weeks so i'm happy with this month schedule. Nothing much to complaint about. If i do complaint u will actually see me bloging expressing all my dissatisfaction. Work had been heavy lately due to not enough of staff. Each morning only have 2-3 ppl maning the floor. Anyway compare workload in this company with the old company. The work load here still manageable even though there are alot of calls. How much of calls received here will never able to compare with my old company. SO i'm some how gratefull about it :D.

Plus I'll be working back to normal shift work soon due to shortage of man power. (All thanks to stingy management for not hiring new ppl for my team) Yeah.. u hear me right. Normal shift work which start work in the morning from 8.30am till 5.30pm :D. So happy about it. But there will be a alternate workday on Saturday for all the staff since the call load kinda high on Saturday and someone will need to hold the support phone during the nite. So there are pros and cons about this normal shift work :/. I guess what most important currently at least i'll have a normal life back. No more and hopefully really no more staying up late at night just to work and sleep in the morning.

Most probably i'll have this normal shift work life middle of next week. So for now i'll still need to bear with few days of shift work. Hopefully it will be a few days as mention by my manager. Keeping finger cross now.

I guess i'll need to get back to work now and before that i'll like to wish DV a Happy HappY Early Birthday. May u have all ur bday wishes come true :D


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heheh..thanks for your wishes..

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