Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekend Blues

I'm blogging from office today. Since it is a Sunday today. The call volume and workload is low :D. I'm grateful for that but i'm sad also coz need to work on weekend. Have been working straight 4 days. Feeling kinda tired but luckily i'll have a day off for tomorrow :D. Can't wait for my shift to be over. Woohoo! Another 7 an a half hour to go. YEah!.

Plus yesterday nite was a great nite except in the morning where i were busy working. Went to celebrate my seconday school's fren bday. It was a last minute thingie. My fren was celebrated his bday at a steak house in USJ Taipan, Subang. It was great treat by my fren. I wouldn't said the food there was superb but it was great. I went there abit late cause need to wait for my shift to be over before i can head over to the steak house. Everyone that i knew was there. They have started eating and left some side dishes for me. I great my fren and sat down. I order a dinner set consist of roast chicken and a mushroom cream soup. The side dishes was a cheese escargot. was yummy. Love the cheese escargot. The roast chicken oso not bad but prefer the esacagot more :P.

All of us chit-chated while enjoying our dinner. After that one of my fren suggested to go to the nearby field to loaf. I didn't stay for long. After a while i bid farewell and left because i need to work the next day.

Okie.. thats all for now. Need to get back to work now. :/


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