Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nite SHit(f)

Feeling very sleep now yet i'm not able to sleep coz i'm working now. SIen nor. Okilar.. Just taking sometime to update something in my blog.

Woke up kind early this morning although i'll be working nite. I think around 10am because i had a good nite rest since yesterday was off day for me. Did nothing much for the whole morning except enjoy some movie that i dl from the net. Nothing much for me to enjoy since i'll be working nite. Feeling kinda tired with working nite and also with the shift work.

I had told myself to try to hold on with this job for about a year then jump to or look for another better job since the company had just been bought over or i should say merger. Hopefully there's something that i can look forward with the merger but i doubt it. Anyway will still on the look out for any good job opportunity since most of my colleagues are busy look for any suitable job to jump.

It's 3 am in the morning now. Still got another 4 and a hour to go.. Hmmmm. what can i do. I guess i'll try to take nap now. ;)


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