Thursday, September 14, 2006

2nd Day of nIte shift for this week

WHy the heck i'm i blogging now? Just want to rest my mind for a while. Been given a stupid task. Whereby need to do some finding on X-File case which had been keep idle for the pass few weeks i think. No one been looking into this case and had been keep hidden for awhile until it somehow manage to crop up again this afternoon. All becos base on the information given by my colleague. The user who forwarded the email/case call up to office and spoke to (s)complaint to(/s) my manager about why didn't anyone get back to him and also ask her to speed up the finding on that issue with a reply. LOL.

So since i'm working nite and this show how everyone assume that person working nite will have plenty of time to do research and finding. I'm given this stupid task to reply back to the user. Sien nor. Check through the company call logging system and couldn't find anything to actually help me in replying back to the user with a finding or sollution. I guess i might need make up something to reply back to user..

Okilar.. back to work now.. another 4 and a half hour to go before i can go back to sleep.


Blogger Dude Vincester said... working only need to do 1 case only...good right?

10:53 am  
Blogger fei said...

not really 1 case but 1 shitty case coz no one else there to handle it. anyway i didn't mention the calls that i need to pickup once in awhile through out the nite ;). so basically i don't really do 1 case and not as simple as u think :P

4:39 pm  

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