Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Passion for Coke tin cans

After reading Dv's blog entry and found out there's new coke on sale in KLCC. Last Sunday night, 23/07/06 I decided to come early to work but not to start work early but to go to KLCC to search for coke ;0).

First stop went to Cold Storage and to my surprise Cold Storage is also selling the 120 years anniversary Japan coke with 8 collectible coca-cola classic design as mention by Dv. The price seems cheaper too. Each can selling for only rm7.99 0_o. But before deciding on purchasing it. Decided to go to Isetan to have a glance through what coke they have for sale since Dv said over there got special coke for sell too. Can u believe it this is my 1st time going to Isetan supermarket because I never know that Isetan have their own supermarket. All this while I thought in Klcc for supermarket. It only have Cold Storage. Lol.

1st thing i saw was the Korea coke with the buy 1 free 1 promo offer but couldn't locate any 120 years Japan anniversary coke. So without wasting time hurry grab the coke and pay for it then went back to Cold Storage to begin my coke spree :P. Grab a basket and begin my search through for the 8 coke design. To my despair at the end only manage to find 7 design. I was only able to locate design 2 to 8. Oh no can't able to find the design no.1. :(. Shit now the collection still not complete. Still left out 1 design. Anyway I still go on to purchase the 7 design 1st with the hope that I’ll able to find the design no.1 coke. After paying at the counter straight head back to office to work.

Back in the office. Call up Dv to check with him where to find the 120 years anniversary japan coca-cola classic desgin Isetan and also inform him that currently Cold Storage also selling the same thing with a cheaper price. The work for that night was nice. Slow without much call from user and having my weekend mood. Just waited for the supper time then quietly with my colleague went out for our 1 hour supper break. After the supper break we came back and continue doing our stuff. During this time I think I accidentally doze off :p. Then morning came and time to go home. Pack my stuff and waited for my colleague so i can pass over the case.

After that hurry back home and take my shower and have a good morning rest. :D

Here's my collection of the umcomplete set of 120 years anniversary Japan coca-cola classic design as requested by Dv.

120 years anniversary Japan coca-cola classic design

Should anyone manage to locate the coca-cola classic design no.1 as shown below. Please kindly let me know. Thanks

120 years anniversary Japan coca-cola classic design no.1
120 years anniversary Japan coca-cola classic design no.1
(Image for classic design no.1 taken from Dv's blog without his knowledge ;p)


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