Thursday, July 27, 2006

I had finally found U and U make me poorer by rm14.48

Wooohoo.. I'm so happy. At last i manage to purchase the 120 years anniversary Japan coca-cola classic design no.1. Since I’m so happy about it I’m actually blogging about this from my work place :D. Just went and try my luck in KLCC Cold Storage just now to search for the coke. To my surprise. They have the coca-cola design no.1 for sale :D. There are a lot of tins to be choose from :D. So without wasting my time i check my wallet to see enough of money or not. Then proceed to search for a good condition tin to be purchase. I also purchase the citra flavour coke. I think it's lemon flavour coke not sure about it since everything is written in japanese. SO went any pay up. Total up everything rm 14.48. Yes I’m now officially poorer by rm14.48. Hoping the salary will bank in fast.

After that went up to Isetan to see is there any new coke for sale. OH NO!! Guess what? They stock in a new collectible coke. 6 China coca-cola coke 2004 Athens Olympic bottles come with individual paper display box to be collected and each will cost you whooping rm39.90 per bottle O_o. Imagine getting all six bottles. I'll be dam poor by rm239.40. Will think about it whether getting it or not since it's totally out of my budget.

Although I’m now officially poorer by rm14.48 I’m at least happy that i manage to collect all the 8 coca-cola classic design :D.

Below are the new coke currently selling in Isetan. RM39.90 perbottle.
2004 Athens olympic bottles

Okie... that's all from me now. Need to get back to work.

Here's my complete collection of coca-cola classic design :D



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