Saturday, June 03, 2006

Last Day in Cambodia 01/05/06

After having a goodnight sleep. I'm somehow recovered from soreness from walking the whole day. It's time to do a bit of packing and then time to go to the airport. Before time to gather at the lobby. We were given sometime to take our breakfast. After breakfast we head back to the hotel room.

Had a last look at the hotel surrounding through the room window.

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Final look at the hotel hallway before going down to the lobby. I'm heading towards the light again ;p

Swimming Pool
We reach the lobby but the bus that going to take us to the airport still haven't arrive yet. So take the opportunity to go to the swimming pool to take some picture. Too bad don't have the chance to take a dip at this swimming pool.

View around swimming pool
This is the back row of the hotel facing the swimming pool.

Cambodian Market
At last the bus arrived. Before heading to the airport. The bus make a detour to a market for us to buy some last minute souvenior and shopping.

On the way to the airport.

Inside the Cambodian Airport
After few minute bus ride we reach the airport. We line up and checkin. Then waited at the departure lounge for the time to depart.

Air Asia Plane
It was time to depart. With a heavy heart head towards the Air Asia plane. Wish that the trip was longer so can visit more places but too bad it was just a 3 days and 2 nights trip. Will defintately come back to visit again next time. Waited for a while then the plane started its engine and prepare to take off. The plane took about 1 hours plus to reach KLIA.


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