Friday, June 02, 2006

Day 2 - 30/04/06 - Angkor Time 2nd Part

After visiting Angkor Wat our next stop was Ta Phrom. The so called famous movie location for Tomb Rider 2 movie. While the other temples were largely cleared of vegetation, Ta Prohm is unrestored. Giant root systems of large trees seem to strangle the walls and buildings of Ta Prohm, like alien tentacles attacking the walls and buildings.

Don't expect to see more photo because the camera battery was low bat and no extra camera. So sad :(.

Entering into Ta Prohm
Following the big group entering into Ta Prohm. I wish i had an umbrella (like that guy) or a cap with me at this time. The weather was dam hot.

Deeper into Ta Prohm
Going deeper to Ta Prohm.

Big Tree With Big Roots
A sight of wonder. It make you think how can the tree grow so tall and big in size in this kinda of place.

Looking toward the light
Trying to meet the maker ;p while exiting the Ta Prohm area.

After visiting Ta Prohm we had a brief stop in front the entrance of Banteay because everyone were lazy to walk and also once you spend so much time on walking and visiting all this Angkor you feel like all the Angkor will look alike(except the interior design) and basically having the same thing. But we had more time for the next place, Angkor Thom. One of the largest Angkor compare to others.

Photo taken from hp: Angkor Thom
The bus ride from Banteay to Angkor Thom took about few min. We went down start to walk towards the enterance of Angkor Thom to take a small van to go deeper to reach the Angkor Thom building.

Photo taken from hp: Angkor Thom - Good Statues
While walking towards the entrance we passed by a row of statues. The tour guide said that this are the "GOOD" statues. It will bring good to us

Photo taken from hp: Angkor Thom - Bad Statues
The tour guide also mention that the opposite of the road there are a row of statues also but they are the "Bad" statues and if we walk pass it at the opposite site. It will bring bad luck to us. So the guide ask all of us to walk on the left side. Don't know how true is this but no one dare to walk the opposite side.

Photo taken from hp: Angkor Thom - Angkor Hallway
Waited for the van for few min and it arrived. We were brought in deeper to reach Angkor Thom building entrance. This is the hallway that will lead us into Angkor Thom.

Photo taken from hp: Angkor Thom - Head Statues
Inside Angkor Thom. Saw alot of head statues like this.

Photo taken from hp: Angkor Thom - Open Hallway
From (i think) second level looking down to some open hallway.

Photo taken from hp: Angkor Thom - Highest POint
The highest point of Angkor Thom.

That's all the photo of Angkors that i have. If not because of low batt i'll have more to show. After this we went to another place but forgotten the name edi ;p. Will try to search it out and update it later. It's the place where a massacre had happen. Can see alot of head skull on display over there.

Cultural show
After visiting the place the tour guide brought us back to the hotel for some rest and shower. Quickly bring out the camera batt and charge it for later use. Later that night during dinner time. The tour guide bring us to a buffet style cambodian restuarant with cambodian cultural show.

Nice display of lights
We finished our dinner then head back hotel but we didn't head back to our room yet. Since tonight will be our last night in Cambodia. We went for a stroll along the nearby street. So called enjoying the night life ;P and search for souveniors.


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