Thursday, June 15, 2006

A bag of coke make u pretty happy :D

My off day will be starting from today and got nothing much to do. Basically waiting for the day to turn night. Will be meeting up with my cousin and her cousin because her cous will be passing some coke to me. At nite got a call from my cous ask to meet up with them in ss2 nasi kandar.

Drove my car there and meet up with my cous and her cous. There's a suprise for me. My cous's cous pass me a paper bag. Guess what? I got a free cokes from her cous :D. So happy. Got a US classic tin can coke, a limited edition US glass coke, 3 sydney coke coin box and a world cup edition coke :D. Didn't expected to get so many cokes :D. So as a gesture for thanking her for the coke. I treat both of them yamcha :D.

All of us chated for a while then my cous's cous need to go back as she will need to work tomorrow morning. So i fetch both of them back. then drop by at my cous house for awhile to help her to check on her notebook. After that then go home to catch a match of world cup.

Bag of Cokes
My bag of cokes :D. Thanks to my cous's cous. :D


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