Friday, June 16, 2006


Yeah!... It's Friday and today is a special day for me. It's my b(ig)day. So coincidently i'm off today. So kinda relax on this day... not going to celebrate my big day today since i'll be celebrating it with the gang tomorrow by going to Sekinchan.

Nothing much to do in the morning so waited for the sun to fall. Then suggest to the guys to go to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng to yamcha since they have a special treat for ppl who celebrate
their birthday at their restaurant. Which is a free extremely big glass of hk style milk

So at nite meet up with the guys in wong kok. Dv kindly enough to come and fetch me since
i'm abit blur to drive. Didn't sleep well the previous nite. Afoi and Bento waited at wong kok. Danny and his fren came later. No princess this time as she is working. Luckily this time Danny didn't ffk. As he is famous for ffk, After we reach there. We started to order. I waanted to order the big glass of hk style milk tea but the waiter said will need to have 6 ppls then only can order. Aiyo sien nor. Didn't know got such requirement. Since Danny haven't arrive yet so we order our food 1st. At last Danny came with his fren.

We started to order the extremely big glass of hk style milk tea. Something funny happen, Danny and his fren wanted to order a glass of hk milk tea but was stop by Dv becos I had ordered the extremely big glass of hk milk tea and we couldn't finish it but his fren didn't listen so when the big glass came. His fren regreted ordering the milk tea after seeing how big is the glass hk milk tea. Without any delay Danny help himself by serving the milk tea to himself 1st then only give me the chance to taste the tea :S ;p. Anyway the

After awhile danny and his fren need to go off. After that time for us to bid farewell too. Afoi fetch bento back while Dv fetch me back.


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