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Family Trip to Cambodia 29/04/06 - 01/05/06

Last week took a short break from work and went on a family trip to Vietnam Siem Reap, Cambodia. Sorry for the wrong information given to some of the guys. I know i said i'll be going to Vietnam but later turn out to be going to Cambodia ;p. Anyway Vietnam and Cambodia is just a neighbouring country ;p. Cambodia is truthly a land of poverty but rich in magnificent wonders.

Below are some of the photos taken using (P)rincess (D)atin (A)ngle 's digital camera. I'll take this opportunity also to say thank you to PDA. If anyone of you find that the photos are abit dark. It's not the photos problem. Adjust ur monitor contrast and brightness. Happy viewing. ;p

Day 1 Of the Trip - 29/04/06

The day started off quite early for my parents and I. That's around 5.30am :S. After preparing ourself. We went to fetch my cousin's relative from their house. Then proceed off to my cousin's house to wait for a tour bus to bring us to the new LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). We will be flying with Air Asia. By the time we reach my cousin house. The bus had arrived. My dad faster parked the car and all of us get onboard of the tour bus. The bus took about 30 min to reach the new LCCT. The location is kinda far from the main KLIA terminal. Once we reached LCCT the tour guide help all of us to check-in and since there is time left we went for our breakfast at the one and only fast food restaurant. Guess what? It's was McD. We finish our food and went in the International Departure Lounge. After going through security screening and immigration control we reach the departure gate. Waiting to get on board of one of the Air Asia plane.

Looking at one of the Air Asia plane taking off
This is my first time being in the new Malaysia LCCT and taking Air Asia. Took this photo of another plane preparing to go to the bigger runway to take off while i wait patiently at the departure gate for the time to line up to go onboard the Air Asia plane.

Looking out the plane window
At last i had borded the Air Asia plane. Need to hand carry everything to the plane. Then need to hunt for your own sit. If you are luckily you will able to find a window sit. Took this shot while sitting beside the plane window looking outside at a MAS plane preparing to take off. While the plane i'm on trying to make a cornering to proceed to the bigger runway.

Up up in the sky
I think i saw the Shah Alam Stadium. Can u see the big round thingie?

Above Shah Alam?
Is this a picture area of Shah Alam?

At last the plane is up up in the sky now. The first impression of sitting in Air Asia plane. Not very good. The plane cabin look small and the sitting arrange is very crampy. It's like sitting in bus. Since this flight will take about 2hour plus to reach Cambodia and it has no infligh entertainment and no free FOOD. You will entertain urself and buy the food from Air Asia coz no outside food is allow. So not to waste any time i fully make use of the window seating by taking some scenery picture. I have my mom to thanks for the window seating :D

Above Cambodia
Cambodia brownie land.

Cambodia Jungle?
Cambodia greenie land. Compare the Cambodia area pic with Malaysia area pic. Big different!

At last the plane had reach Cambodia. Heard over the intercom that we will be landing soon. Yeah! Happy to hear that. If I sit any longger my butt will get cramp. Hence the name butt cramp ;p.

Cloud 9
Meeting up with the maker! ;p

Cambodia International Terminal
At last we had landed at Cambodia International Terminal. It looks more like a low cost terminal. No hightech stuff here. The security screening and immigration control is super duper slow. Hiam hiam can beat Malaysia ;p.

Hotel Prince D' Angkor Entrance
Prince D' Angkor Hotel and Spa, a 4 stars plus plus hotel as stated in the broucher.

After came out from the arrival hall. We were introduce to a local Cambodian tour guide who spoke Taiwanese mandarin by our Malaysian tour guide. Waited for everyone then borded a provided tour bus to bring us to the hotel. We will be staying in a hotel named, Prince D' Angkor in Siem Reap. I notice 1 thing. The bus door is at the other side and ppl is driving the car at left hand side. Something funny about the bus that we was on. The was a small tour bus whereby it require another small lorry to carry all our group luggage. Lol at that. Before heading to the hotel. The tour guide brought us to a Cambodian restaurant to have our lunch. The food there was great even though everything is Cambodian style. Have fish, soup, curry chicken, pork, kangkung and many more. Can't remember all. So after we had our stomach full we proceed to the hotel. After few min inside the bus we had reach the hotel. My first impression of the hotel was Good :D and Lovin' It.

Inner Part of the hotel
After the big entrance you see the hotel signboard infront of the hotel.

Hotel Room
Comfy hotel room with Cambodian decoration. The deco abit like thai.

View from the hotel room
View from the hotel room. The back of the main entrance saying 'Bonvoyage'

After reaching the hotel. The tour guide check us in and gave us our room key. Went into the room. It was a big family room and it looks comfy with a window view facing the back of the big hotel entrance.

Siem Reap Street
Siem Reap. Look at the road. Ppl are driving at the wrong side of the road. As u can see not much of car coz the main mode of transport here is motorcycle. For public transport i think it should a trishaw a-like. Why i say trishaw a-like is because it's connected to a motorcycle instead of a bicycle.

After putting down our luggage. My cousin suggested to have a stroll around the hotel before the next tour activity. We took some photo and went on a window shopping at those nearby convinient store. All the price stated was on USD. Seems like not a good place to shop because of the exchange rate between USD and RM. When it was time we went back to the hotel and boarded the tour bus and we headed toward Tonle Sap river. It was a bumpy ride cause need to go through some dirt road before reaching to the pier.

Wooden house beside a dried up river
Entering to the village. Area behind this wooden house will get flooded during the rainy season.

Floating Primary School
A floating primary school along the river. It's for those children to study which is staying nearby.

Waiting at the pier to get on board on one of the boat to go to a floatig house to eat fresh prawn and see sunset.

Boy holding the long stick to prevent the boat to hit on any things
Along the river. A teenage boy on the boat holding a long wood to prevent the boat from hitting anything.

Group of people paddling
Going through a narrow canal. A group of ladies paddling back to thier floating village.

Floating Village
A floating village where the people move their houses depending on the water level of the dry or rainy season, low or high flood. They have everything needed to make a good living by fishing and have grocery shops as well as a school.

Small kid showing off
This small kid is enjoying our presence and showing of his paddling skill in the small plastic bucket. But his reall intention is to get some donation from us.

Floating House
Up close. This is how a floating house look like. Those long stick sticking out the water is something like a round fence for the ppl to rear fish inside it.

Donation to the poor
My cousin's relative passing out some donation in form of goods to all the poor kids which come towards us when we reach the floating house.

Fresh Prawn
Errr.. Yummy plate of fresh prawn to be deep with black pepper.

Sunset picture
Sunset picture :p

Another floating house
A nearby floating house.

Pig Moutain
If you look far enough you able to see one of the famous Cambodia mountain named, JU. Hope i didn't listen wrongly. Was inform by the local tour guide that Cambodia doesn't have much big moutain.

After a while at this place. We headed back to the city and went for our dinner. The local tour guide brought us to another Cambodian Restaurant to have our dinner. Nothing fancy about the dishes except. Seems like they will like to add pork to mix with most of the dishes and also kangkung as one of their vege dishes. So much for halal foods ;p. Sorry no pic to show coz camera battery dead and need to bring back to hotel to recharge. Went back to our hotel after dinner and the tour activity for that day have ended. So is free and leisure time for us. Not wanted to waste any time. We went on another stroll around the hotel. At night the street was full with alot of beggers. Alot of kids come towards us and ask for donation. Went to one of the souvenior shop and look around. My dad and my cousin and also her relative bought some t-shirt while i just window shop. After that we went back to hotel and have our rest. The next day will have the chance to visit on of the 7th World Wonders :D

To be continue and all the content might be update or re-edited later on ;p


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