Monday, April 17, 2006


Since long long long time didn't update anything here. So since i'm kinda free :P in the middle of the nite coz i'm off and my sleeping time somehow gone hayewire thankz to too many days of working nite shift. The time now is about 3.40am going to be 4am :S and i'm wide awake at this time.

Went to check out Lowyat forum and found out something interesting that our Astro decoder or those who have Astro decoder can use it to read our Mykad information. I went and test it out just now and it really works :D. Phew.. after checking the information luckily all the information is correctly input/stored. Don't ask me how secure or safe is this. Use it with ur own risk ;P and i wouldn't hold resposible if anything goes wrong with ur MyKad.

Here's the steps on how to use it.
1)Insert your MyKad into the second slot of the Astro Decoder.

2)Then using the remote control press channel 800 (Astro Interactive) then select "MyKad Reader". This is also the channel where you can download TV-Coupon if you own a Public Bank credit card.
MyKad Reader

3)After selecting MyKad Reader. It will start retreiving MyKad information and you able to see all your personal details.
MyKad Reader

4)Hope that all the information shown are correct else you will need to take AL or fake MC to visit JPN to correct your information ;).


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