Monday, February 20, 2006

Screamyx - Opening Up Manhole To Fall In

Stupid STREAMYX or should i call it as Slowmyx, Screamyx and many more 'myx' as the name is better known to streamyx users, This is getting very frustrating. The line keep on disconnecting like Chips more TV ad. No u see Now u don't! :S. Stupid. Idiot TM. I'm already very patient with the slow download speed from Bt but with the line keep on dc and slow like snail. This is untolerable. This is the main reason why i don't pay the connection fee on time. What kind of crap service is this? If the service don't improve don't expect me to pay on time. I guess i'll need to wait for 2 months before line get suspend i'll pay up. :@ :@ :@ ..Opening up possiblilities my A$$$


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