Monday, February 27, 2006

Lucky or Unlucky?

I'm off today but woke up kinda early today coz can't sleep soundly. Something wrong with my brand new car. Dunno why the alarm not able to disarm :(. Had check few time on the remote battery to see isit the battery is dead but it seems okie coz i have test the battery on my Iswara remote and it working without any problem. So call up my sa and were inform just open the door with the key and if the alarm do sound.... just [censor to protect my car from getting stolen] engine. Then quickly get down to the car park and try to unlock my car while praying that the car alarm don't trigger off. After unlocking the car everything seems ok. The alarm didn't sound and kinda silent too. I inserted the key to the ignition and try to start the car. Guess wat? The car seems like not responding. No light is lighting up and there no tu tu tu (immobilizer) sound. Getting kinda worried now and think to myself. Shit Wat happen now? How come everything seems not functioning, then call my sa again and my sa pass me to the sc and spoke to the mech. The mech ask me to try to jump start my car if still can't might need to tow the car to the sc and it will cost about rm80++. I said to myself walau rm80++ this time sure pk. He suspect might be the car battery either died or weak. Then i tried to do jump start with iswara battery. Now i'm able to see some light. All the warning led light up. That's a goood sign i told myself and then try to start the engine. Try it for few time and seems no luck. The engine seem don't want to start up. Then mom become impatient with seeing me trying to jump start and failed. She ask me to get a new car battery.

Reluctantly went and try to get the car battery from the nearby car workshop by bringing along my car battery. When inquiry on the battery. The mech was kinda nice to ask for my confirmation on getting a new battery since all my car type battery should consider new. I took the car battery that i brought along from the car and show it to the mech. He help me to check the condition of the batter with a battery measuring device to see is there any problem and found that the batter is weak. So with that confirm it's the car battery problem and it's the cause of the car not able to start up. The mech ask me to go back home and try to jump start the car again but this time remember to enable the alarm and disable the alarm again to so call reset the condition of the car and he kindly advice me to bring back the battery to the sc to be replace since it's still brand new and under warranty and noneed to waste money on a new battery.

So with some hope i quickly drove back home again and try jump start the car again. Guess wat? It failed miserable again. Getting kinda frustrated. I called the sc mech for assistant again. This time i told him i found out that the car battery had died. He then suggest this time i jump start my car with the iswara car engine up and running. With a last hope i try to jump start again and it fail again but i didn't give up and told my self "this will be the last time". With finger cross i jump try jump start again. I heard the engine trying to start up. Yeah! at last the engine start up and quickly unplug the jump start cable and park my iswara and drove my car straight to sc. Once reach there everything seems great coz my car is on good hand now. The mech that i spoke to ealier on ask me to register myself and them he assign someone to work on my car. Waited patiently at the waiting room and at the end found that the battery had died and they change a brand new battery for me. Yippie.. my car is alright now.. Sooo happy.

Leason learn from all this:

1)Learned how to properly jump start a car :S
2)Having a car is not a simple task :S
3)Always remember to check all the things is off before leaving the car. I think the battery is weak because i forgot to off the headlamp light :S


Blogger afoi said...

huiyorr~~ NEW car wor..~~ huiyor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:07 pm  
Blogger fei said...

hehehe :D.. no coment ;p

7:50 pm  
Blogger ED said...

wah seh.. bai meng hai cheat battery bad, next time must remember off everything lor.. lol.

11:31 pm  
Blogger fei said...

nolar.. i didn't cheat any battery as far as i know if ur battery still under warranty. they will replace for free :D. do correct me if i'm wrong :)

10:32 am  
Blogger ED said...

uhhh... ya, u r right..

8:34 pm  

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