Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine Day :D

Happy Valentine day to everyone :D. So coincidently i'm off today but too bad can't fully make use of Valentine day :S coz no one to go dating with but lukily i'm still able to make use of the off day. I went for a gathering with my cousins :D. It's just a get together session with few of my cousins to celebrate one of my cousin bro that came back from UK for holiday and also a so call farewell party for him before he head back to UK. This gathering had been plan up by my cousin sis since CNY. Just only this day where everyone is free to meet up especially me.

So after i come back home from grave yard shift around 8am i straight took my shower and went to sleep. Sleep until around 11am wake up and prepare to go out. Went to fetch my cousin bro from Sungai Way then head towards BTS to meet up with my cousin sis and her bro for a karaoke session. My cousin sis edi book a room at 12pm. But too bad couldn't make it on time as all of us late for it. SO no choice we went for a movie session. Went to watch My Kung Fu Sweetheart. It's not a movie to be WOW about. It's some mou lei tau (comedy) movie star by Leo Ku and Cecilia Cheung. Even though it's a comedy movie but too bad it's faild to make me stay awake coz most of the time i nearlly doze off ;p. So now you know how nice is the movie ;p. Maybe it also becos i only slept for few hours. After the movie my cousin sis suggest to go to Sungai Wang as she want to do some window shopping but too bad have to delay for few hours as it was raining heavily outside. Since all of us doesn't have much thing to do. My cousin sis suggest to go the arcade to enjoy a game of Photo Hunt ;p. We went there and spend about an hour there just playing photo hunt. Lol.. long time din go arcade to play game. After the rain stop we proceed to Sungai Wang. All of us just follow my cousin sis to do window shopping. After spending few hours there we went to Imbi coz another of my cousin wanted to get an external hdd. So brought him there and get the stuff.

After settle all the thing proceed to my cousin sis house for dinner and also help his bro to fix his pc. After this we went to pasar malam. This is my 1st time going out with my cousin to pasar malam. Bought alot of things to eat. Bring it back to my cousin house and eat. Then after that proceed to help my cousin sis to fix his nb. As the time pass by and getting tired. SO decided to call it a day after fixing my cousin sis nb and went home. Before i went home i fetch another cousin back to his house 1st. After reaching home i quickly take my shower and i'm preparing to ZZZZZzzzz now. Although it's a tiring day i really enjoy going out with my cousins. Tomorrow i'll need to go and settle my car downpayment. Hope will get my car asap :D


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