Sunday, October 02, 2005

Ending of a long long holiday :/

This morning .... errmmm wait i should said this afternoon. Coz woke up around 1pm. Mom wake me up telling me don't sleep until too late else later at nite can't sleep and can't wake up early for the next day. IT's becos tomorrow will be my big day. Nope not my birthday nor getting married ;p. I'll be starting work after 1 month plus of jobless vacation/holiday :D.

Nothing much to do on this Sunday. Just having a lazy day. Read the newspaper. Watch some show on Astro then surf the net and then watch some show on Astro again. Until later at nite. Got a call from Afoi asking to go for dinner. Went for dinner with Afoi and Princess. Afoi drove again :D. We eent to SS2 for dinner. Couldn't decide on wat to eat so we went and round the SS2 area. Princess suggested to go to "Tin Mat Mat" but decided not to go there. Then we continue to round until i make a mistake by suggestion to go eat at a Shanghai restaurant. Which i never been to so does everyone else. Yes.. It's my fault but slightly princess fault also for not going to tin mat mat ;p. I admit openly in my blog tat i suggested to go a stupid restaurant. Sorilor, Happy? ;p. THere's no next time to this restaurant. THe food there was just so so and small portion and expensive and not worth it.

Before going back we went to Prince's house because princess wanted to take something from her. After that Afoi fetch me back. Now i'm just basically waiting to go to sleep. Tonight will not stay up too late as i'll need to wake up early tomorrow to prepare for work. Hopefully tomorrow will able to wake up early and reach work on time or else dielor.. Don't wish to reach work late.


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fei, all the best for ur job!

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