Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tiring Saturday morning

This morning wake up dam early after dunno how many weeks of waking up late. Woke up at around 7am although yesterday nite sleep around 3am. Yesterday went out dinner with the gang for steamboat.

This morning woke up so early because going for jogging with Afoi and DV. This week we plan for jogging as there isn't enough of headcount for badminton as some people promise to come for badminton had already gone mising ;p. Prepare myself and went out around 7.40am and reach Afoi's place around 8.05am. Call up Afoi and found that he is still soundly a sleep and he took the phone blurly. Waitied for him fo few min for him to get prepared and fetch him to the park. While waiting for Afoi i call up DV to give him a morning call incase that he still soundly a sleep.

After fetching Afoi proceed to DV house and fetch DV. Then went to the park near by. Today seems like alot of people in the park. We did the so called normal warm up process, walk around then jog for awhile less then 5 min to be precise :P and then continue back to walk around to sweat more.

After spending an hour there. We proceed to our next important destination. It's breakfast time. Went to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. Everyone ordered the most sought after dishes there which is spagetti chop. Nice combination of spagetti and your choice of chop ranging from chicken to lamb and not to mention it's delicious too. Once finish our food. We decided to go to the SOMAS Sales (SONY Malaysia) straight away without going back to shower just to save time incase that we might not able to reach SOMAS to get anymore good bargain. Doesn't this seems kiasu? ;p

But beofore heading to SOMAS. Fetch DV back to his house first for him to get some money as we he might plan to get something there if there is any good bargain. THe situation there was kinda chaos. Seems like alot alot of cars and ppl. Before we can reach the place we need to face some jam and some difficulty looking for parking space. Anyway after few mintues which turn into hour of searching for parking space. We were able to locate one which is somewhere behind SOMAS or should i say after a moutain behind it ;P. After parking the car we walk toward SOMAS. There were alot alot of poeple inside. You will see alot of ppl grabing the stuff here an there as if everything is free of charge. DV bought something there which is good bargain. DV bought a mp3... "Aiyoo.... DV got mp3 player already... Action ler.. Got the most slimest mp3 player in the world ler.... Aiyer.. 1.5GB ler.. Which can store alot of songs ler, 375 songs... Can show off edi lor :P.. Can use the player as a mirror ler.. Action ler.. Can listen to various songs for about 1 week ler." For more information on the mp3 player please refer to DV ;P. The process of spending time in searching and actually making the purchase was kind tedious. I think all of us spend few hours there searching for lenglui(s) nice stuff and also waiting for DV on his decision making on getting the mp3 player. Afoi didn't get anything. While for my part i couldn't find the thing that i could actually buy or interest me except the digital camera which had already sold out less then few hour before it's open and mp3 player. I didn't go for the mp3 player because worried that after i purchase the mp3 player i might able to fully utilitize it and just waste my money onli since i'm on a tight budget. Getting poorer as the days go buy. Anyone care to donate some money to me? :D

After few hours, DV finally decided to get the most smallest mp3 player and go and pay for it. Paying for the item seems to be another obstacle because we need to line up in a very long queue since someone didn't really look at the line tat say "Credit Card" and another shorter line which say "CASH" ;p. DV went to the CASH line to pay after spending few minutes lining up at the "Credit Card" line. We proceed to get the car after that. Fetch DV home. Dv invited Afoi and i for a tongsui session in is house prepare by his mom. Will like to take this oppourtunity again to say thanks to DV mom for the tongsui. After that fetch Afoi home and without delay i quickly drove home. Took my shower. I were soo tired after awhile i fell asleep on the bed and sleep until now. Shit.. i'm kind awake now at this hour dunno will i able to get back to sleep later on .. Hopefully can or else die ler...


Blogger ED said...

jogging? fei, nei hou em hou yi si ar... jogging didn't ask me to join, u know jogging is the most like exercise for me lar... haiii...mou kong lei lar... ok lar, just kidding only...

9:03 am  
Blogger fei said...

sorry lor. last minute decision.. next time will remember to include u. :D

8:38 pm  

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