Tuesday, September 27, 2005

SLow Monday

OH NO!!!.. It's MOnday!! WAit! I got nothing to worry since i'm not working.. Yeah!!! can sleep late :P.. Woke up around 12pm. Took my shower and took my lunch. HMm.. Dunno wat to do at this time except just read newspaper.

Then after a while turn on the TV watched some show on Astro and become a couch potatoe and chated with Hou Kor which seems kinda free. Then by doing tat basically wasted the whole day. Not something tat i'm proud of doing. Until nite got a mesg from Danny asking to go yamcha around 10pm. Told him no problem since going to drink at SS2. Waited and waited. From a nite yamcha session soon turn into midnite. Which i'm kinda prepare for a supper session base on the previous experiance :P

Then got a call from Afoi asking have Danny's finish his work. Told him still haven't and Danny might be late. So Afoi told me that he will get back to me again. After a while DV call up said will fetch me to SS2 to go for yamcha 1st. Then after DV arrived. He gave me a miss call. When DV gave me a miss call. I started to wonder will Afoi be driving his new car to fetch me coz normally Afoi will be the one who will do all the phone calling. To my surprise... Guess wat? Afoi was the DRIVER!!!!

Yeah! It's just a matter of time before Afoi become a full fletch driver :D. Went into Afoi's car and proceed to SS2. We went to the SS2 Selera Makan. Order some food and drink while waited for Danny. We chated and still waiting for Danny. At last when the clock struck 12am. Got a call from Danny that he will be reaching soon. Since all the food stall at the selera makan started to close around 12am we have to change place to continue the drinking session.

When Danny arrive we went to KTZ to continue the session. We watched Danny eat as all of us are already full. We spend some time there then cabut.


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