Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sleepy Wednesday

Tuuut... Tuuut...Tut.. Tuuut.. (not the actual ringtone).Still busy sleeping. Woke up blur blur. Searching for the source of the sound. Oh my handphone ringing. Look at the phone display. IT's Afoi on the other line.. Answer the phone. "Hello.. Huh? OH.. OK.. Wat time? Hmmm.... Let me think.. Hmmm... Ok.. Sure". End the phone. Afoi call up telling Princess sick edi. Need someone to fetch her back. Since Afoi still having get used to driving. Ask me to fetch her.

Search for bed. Zzzzzzzz but not soundly. Second phone call from Afoi. Ask to confirm with Princess through msn on the time to fetch her. After few minute of chit chat that doesn't bring to any conclusion. At last Princess got fedup edi ;p and suggest that i go to Afoi place and park my car there and let Afoi drive his new Myvi and accompany him so he can practise his driving skill. SO settle. Went to shower and went out. Before heading to Afoi place. Stop by at a nearby bank to widthdraw some money. Very charm no money edi since no income. There's a saying on how to get money... Here's how's the saying go. No money ar? Go press (from atm) lor. Cannot press ar? Go ask (from parents) lor. Cannot ask ar? Then die lor ;p.

Reach Afoi place. Park my car. Afoi drove his Myvi and i got in. With out any delay we head towards Damansara Heights. At last after a smooth driving by Afoi we reach Princess work place. Fetch her then proceed to clinic. We accompany her to the clinic to see doc. After tat we went to Kepong Jusco for lunch. We took sushi as that's the least heaty food compare with other type of fast food and also coz we don't want the princess suffer tooo much from her sickness edi ;p so she will still able to recover soon for her pd trip tomorrow.

After sushi. It's time to go back. Afoi stop by at the nearest KFC drive in and bought lunch for his cousin. Then head back home. He fetch princess home 1st. Then he fetch me back to his house coz there's where i park my car. TOok my car and drove home. Took my shower and straight took a nap. Around 7pm i woke up coz need to go out again. GOing to have a small farewell and birthday party with my cousin bro. Today is also his birthday and he will be going back to aussie soon.

So meet up with my cousin at his place. Treat him to a western food restaurant then went for a movie. Went to watch Land of the Dead and this movie is just a so so movie. Not as good as i expected it to be. Just only watchable on a vcd or dvd. Not recommended on big screen coz it will be just waste of money. Before we i fetch my cousin back. Brought him to a mamak stall. Let him enjoy some Malaysian's life style before he go home to aussie. After spending some time there we head home.


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