Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's have been a slow slow slow slow week/month

Now is just 4.30pm. DOn't know what to do. SO thought of update the blog since about few weeks didn't insert anything here. Can see alot of spider web start appearing on the site.

Day have been going slow for me after becoming a full fletch QS ;p. Basically doing nothing for each day. Just enjoying a very slow slow week.. Anyhow still appreciate the so call holiday i'm in now after a few month of stressfull workday. Basically doing nothing here.

Basically spend my time watching those online clip. Here's some recommendation: and Enjoy :D

Just let everyone know that i'll be updating the blog soon :)


Blogger ED said...

macam ini lah baru call woke up... i mean woke up already for update blog...almost 1 month didn't update... haiii... finally u had finished celebrate the National Day... hahaha

8:49 am  

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