Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wednesday LIfe

Woke up at around 6.40am (i guess) this morning.. Actually it's the same routine for me for this week since i started work in the morning. With a un willing heart went to shower and prepare to work.

Went out of the house around 7.30am. The traffic was kinda heavy. Dam sien with the early traffic jam. So it took me roughly about 40 min to reach parking lot. Phew! still consider early coz can still reach office on time to login. Although still early taking take chance to wait for the auntie to fetch to the office. I just walk to the office.

On the way walking to the office saw a very familiar kenari. It's Princess. Wave to her and proceed to walk to office. Yes.. able to login on time and best of all. early :D.. Hopefully will able to keep this up until end of the month.

After i login to my system and i notice something is missing from my cubicle. Where the heck did my headset go?. Not again! It goes missing again! No choice for the whole day i have been answering call using the handset. My arm feeling numb after a while. My neck abit numb too. Imagine that a person make "phone poridge" for few hours. For my case it's about 8 hours. Need to shift my headset from left ear then to right ear and then back to left ear again while listening to those suser talk about their stupid issues.

During lunch time seems like lunch in the afternoon it isn't a good choice. Pack with people and not too mention everytime no place to sit. Have to search high and low for a place. But so far luckily able to get place to sit.

After lunch just continue with my work. Here's another day of heavy load call.. I wonder wat happen to all the user. Why suddenly become soooo stupid. Keep on calling in. Hmmm.. Anyway successfully ended the working day. :D. But too bad can't go back early coz need to stay in the office for a while to follow up some suspend case. Stupid users. Just know how to log call but never know how to close the call. Never know how to call back to give status. Sienz.

After making some follow up for few case. It's time to go home and stuck in jam again :S. Hopefully tomorrow will be another better day.


Blogger sk said...

oh...neck ache ar...
bring a bottle of yoko yoko or tiger palm to office la.

12:04 pm  
Blogger mighty bento said...

oi wooly... y u didn;t ask me to bring yoko yoko or tiger balm to office one????

2:34 pm  
Blogger fei said...

hahah. yoko yoko.. good idea.. will think about it :D.. btw wat's tiger balm function.. i thought normally for cough onli?

12:11 am  

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