Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tuesday LIfe

Last week wasn't a great working day for me. Been having a rough day for the pass week. There's something bad happen everyday. Late for work. Get shoot by s(tupid)users. Kpi gone!..

Anyway last week had pass and here come a new week. It's tusday today and yesterday was monday ;p. I'm currently working morning shift now. Yeap.. since like i'm back to having a normal life and i'll be working moring for the whole month. I guess this month no more dota :S. SLeep early and wake up early.

Been waking up early. Life for this week have been so far soo good. Cross finger to wish to have a better day each day. Although life in the office is kinda hetic with a heavy load call. LIfe still can consider beareable. Wat else can i ask for?

When time to just work and work and when time to enjoy. Just enjoylar. Currently making use of the weekend.. Whereby will go do some activity with the guys.

ALways look forward to the weekend. To relax and enjoy the mind and body :D


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