Saturday, August 13, 2005

Naik Kereta

Here come saturday again. Said wanna go badminton with afoi but turn out to be just say say onli becos of few factors. One of the factor was the hazy situation in Selangor. SOmeone say tired actually ;p

So fast forward to the afternoon. Went for movie and bowling with the gang (afoi, bento, bentos gf, princess and felice). Went to 1 U for this two occasions. Watch a quite nice(not too mention sad) japanese romance movie named "Crying Out Love, In The Center Of The World". It talk about how "two teenagers fell in love, and exchanged their secrets and thoughts by way of sending tape recordings to each other. More than a decade later, the boy (now grown-up and bittered) rediscovers the last recording of his ex-lover's voice. Her words trigger a series of flashbacks illustrating the joyful beginning and tragic end of their relationship." The movie last about 2 hours plus if not mistaken.

After movie went for a bowling session. We had fun and enjoyed ourself. I think afoi at last overcome his phobia of bowling ;P. During the bowling session. Prince join in the fun by watching. After bowling went for makan at shakey.

During makan session, decide on where to go later on. After awhile of so called discussion. At last decided to go bangsar for drink. Set the place to meet will be princess's palace (house). Princess need to go fetch her mother queen first then fetch felice. So afoi, bento and me. Went to escort prince back to her palace (house) then fetch her together to go princess's palace.

Once reach princess's palace. Waited for a while at the mamak stall near princess's palace coz princess need to pan leng leng 1st. (need to dress up). Once settle proceed to bangsar and went to a place name Castle????. So wat's a different between a castle and a palace??. Afoi, bento and me open a bottle of JD. Then proceed to go up. This is the time when we got up we had a feeling of naik kereta. It's because hmmmm.. how to decribe it?....The atmosphere there were pitch black with +91 feel. So after awhile there decided to quickly go back downstair where the atmosphere is much more nicer and better.

We play a game of hand game? (pls dun be mistaken if with hand job :P). SOrry don't know what's the actuall name of it. Need to refer to princess. She intro this game to all of us. It's play by using both hand. Then u either close both hand to become a fist or either one and another option is open ur palm facing down or either one. Then the objective of the game is set a set up style and no one must follow else will need to drink.

After few round of it. It's time to go home. On the way going back we meet up with police road block. But luckily nothing happen :D. Fetch everyone home and proceed to go back. On my way going back. Shit.. tyre pancit. Have to get down from the car and have the tyre change middle of the night. Luckily got a spare tyre in the boot oe else.... After that just straigh to home and shower. Both of my hand were pitch black like in the club place.


Blogger afoi said...

aiks.... when did this "tayar pancit" happened ?? after or before i call u ?

5:21 pm  
Blogger fei said...

after u call not long after.. then pitch.. boom.. dunno wat i hid..

5:59 pm  

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