Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'm 1st POINT of COntact!!! NOt 1st POint of Getting SHOOOOOOT!!!!! @#$@#$#@$#@$

The morning start off quite well. Woke up early (I'm so far soo proud of myself for able to wake up early) :). Went to work early (Here's another thing i'm proud too) :). Everything was fine, good and great. Able to find nice parking space noneed to walk very far. (Of course need to pay lar.. not free). The call queue for today have been nice. NOt too high nor too low. All the call that i received kinda smooth not until evening around 5pm something.

Here's where the day from fine, good and great become worst!!. Phone rang and saw it's a +65 number. So coincidently got back a call from a known user which had log call with me earlier on few days back. When i took this call earlier on. He like to nag like auntie about his issue. His problem was his account got disable. So after greeting the user. He start off with his trademark autie nagging. My account got problem again and again! Why the support team never do a proper job? Why does all the Ham Puk process making the user suffer? Why my system from running fine now become worst? (Shit! I have to listen to him nag again! Fine. I dun care u just nag all u like). He then said he got a voicemail from the support team to ask him to call them back. So i nicely verified the support number that he got so that he can able to call back the support team. Then he go on nagging like a auntie and complaining... with alot why and how come question.

Then reach until one part the user become frust edi when he talk about the again on why the support team never solve the issue. He said i'll need to the get to the bottom of this issue!. Please let me know now who's your manager? (Wtf, shit! got a feeling it's a escalation case. Why? Why? What did i do? I'm just the middle men lar!!!!) Faster tell me who's your manager if not i'll search on my own and call him up to complaint that you don't want to give the number. (Wtf, what did i do wrong?.. why do u want to escalate me. Fcuk u lar. Stupid user... #@$@#$@#$@$@#$@#$@$@#$). Then i told the user that i can give him the number but will need get approve permission from my suppervisor or team lead. Then the stupid user.. like wanna treathen me. If you don't give me i'll tell your manager that you are not co-operative. (Wtf!!!) Although the user beeing such an idiot i still nicely tell ask the user permission to put him on hold for awhile. So that i can get the permission to provide the user with the manager's number. He said NO! You can call me back later to tell me or i'll get the number on my own!
(Fcuk u!!!) Then ended the call. Befor he end the call i did try to offer him a chance to speak to my supervisor but no. He still want to speak to the manager.

Quickly go search for my team lead to ask for backup and prepare a bullet vest. Told him wat and explain to him wat happen. Then he report to the team manger. She quickly spring to action. The team manager ask to prepare an email detailing wat happen. So that she will able to prepare negotiate with the user and get more information on the issue. My team lead assist me to type out the letter then send to the team manager. Team manager message back through the messenger service said that i'll be keep up to date... Hmmm... i guess i'll be a like a person preparing to be bring forward to the firing squad to get shoot!!

Curse u stupid user!!! What make u think that you are soooo big!! Anway i guess i'm curse with s(tupid)user for awhile!! Need to pray hard to stay off from this kind of stupid user!

After a session of getting shoot from user! Time for my test. For the 1st time i'll be having my close book test. Went into the meeting room where the test will be held. The trainner ask me to randomly choose the folded up test paper questions. SO i just simply just one. WHen i open the questions paper. Shit! how to do? DIdn't do any revision. NO choice just try my best to answer the questions that i know. The test took about 1 hour. DIdn't do very well this time.. :/

SO by the time finish the test. IT's time for me to go back. Glad to able to log off but not too happy though after the stupid escalation and test. Then receive a call from princess. Princess ask wanna go yamcha or not. She she is fui!. TOld her okie.. will meet her downstair. Meet up with her then go yamcha at the stall below the office. Seems like princess also had a rough day whereby she also face the same issue like me.. Get shoot and escalate by stupid user!!!!. Listen to princess's frustration towards the user's escalation and her provider for creating extremely shitty sittuation for her. PItty her. I know how she feeel coz i'm facing the same issue. I sometimes wonder why all those stupid user soo free to escalate people. But i believe One day they will get their repay!!! $@#$@#$@#$@#$....

After a while decided to go off and princess ask wanna go makan dinner with afoi or not. Said ok.. then invite Felice to come along oso. Princess fetch Felice.. while i just folllow behind princess car :S.. So reach Kepong. Fetch afoi then proceed to dinner place. Went to eat porridge. Something funny happen while driving to the dinner place. At a junction near his house he told me to make a left turn. I told him yes i know and he keep on repeating few time, left turn and i told him yes.. The end result was i went opposite to wanted to make a left turn to the incoming car. Afoi jit tau blur including me ;p. Anyway luckily able to reach to dinner place safely. Ordered 3 bowl of porridge. Eat and chated and tok about the stupid user making a fuss by escalating.

Finish the poridge then went back. Before that follow Felice go tah pau food from mamak stall. Then afoi follow princess's car while felice follow my car. Fetch her back to office and i straight reach home and here am i now blogging about my day.

As always will hope for a better day :D


Blogger ED said...

angry? not happy with the users? want to kill them rite? go & get a parang & chop them.... haha... everyone is facing the same problem, but what can we do? just do our best lar, all the best for ur test & also ur office lifestyle

11:08 am  
Blogger sk said...

Thanks for your " extremely shitty sittuation"...

Anyway, i should say thanks to you coz u listened to me yesterday. and now, i had replied the stupid user "Tan Khim Siang"!!!!!!!!!!!
and waiting for him to shoot me back... [ i think he will do so]

As our conversation just now, you are crossed the dangerous zone, but i m still at the dangerous zone, red light keep flashing... T mou?

Good luck to you and gan ba teh!!!
Friday d...!!! yeah yeah yeah!

11:43 am  
Blogger afoi said...

but u nvr mention the left turn.. no fun..

2:36 pm  
Blogger fei said...

ed: thanx.. i just letting out my frustration in the blog onli coz u can't keep it inside else later sure explode :)

princess: dun mention it :D.. all the best and good luck. stay happy and cheerful always ;)

afoi: hehe.. opps.. forgot about tat tim.. no worries. edited my blog edi

4:44 pm  
Blogger ED said...

fei: haha, same with me lar.. i also released my frustration at my blog. anyway, good luck...

5:18 pm  
Blogger -Felice- said...

I trust on repay things....+65 user is a stupid but pretend clever and like to create problem for the suport team idiot....
While the +91 user is a really stupid user which do not understand english and even though computer...but dunno how they can work for HP....

2:19 am  
Blogger fei said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:37 am  
Blogger fei said...

ed: hehehe.. thanx :)

felice: i couldn't agree more on wat u had said... they should learn from their own mistake and not blame it on others.. :/

12:38 am  
Blogger sk said...

+65 users are jia jia smart and +91 users are zhen zhen stupid...

i'm curious why our company hire those idiot? alot money to waste?

4:19 pm  

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