Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy National Day :D

Wanna wish everyone in Malaysia a very very Happy National Day. For those who don't know, our country is celebrating it 48th Birthday :D. Yesterday went to Princess's palace to see firework together with Afoi and Bento. As our country grow older seems like alot things had change. The things that been changing alot are the price. Everything had been increasing like the stock market. The things that increase the most is the petrol price. :(. Hopefully it wouldn't increase anymore else will die soon :/ coz can't afford to fill in petrol. No petrol mean no car to drive mean no going out mean staying at home to rot :/. The one thing that definately never change is our salary. Always stay stagnant.. so sad :~(

Today didn't do anything much woke up around 12 something. Princess called up to inform the time to go eat pan mee which is around 1pm. Going to meet at HP Tower before going to the pan mee store which located near Sogo. Reach HP Tower kinda early this time around :D. Then later on Bento's Gf arrived. She is fetching Bento. This time someone came late. After waiting for awhile at last saw Princess's car. Afoi followed her car.

Once Princess arrived. I parked my car so noneed to use so many car to go to the pan mee stall. I follow Princess car. Before we depart we call Felice to come to ask for guidance on how to go to the place. She came down and drew a map for us. After that we proceed to go to the place. Everything was going fine until we reach KL and miss 1 junction to turn to the pan mee stall. Without any choice we need to go straigh because the road was a one way street so we need to find back the way to the place. After turning and turning and also with the help of Felice again. We were able to reach the place :D. Sat down and order the mee and drink. We ordered about 9 bowls of mee. The guys eat 2 bowls while the girl eat 1 1/2 bowls :D. The pan mee taste nice and spicy especially after adding a scope of hot dried chilies.

Without any plan for tonite and Princess need to become a good daughter to go home and cook so we just head back home after the lunch session. So i'm back at home now finding something to do..


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