Monday, August 22, 2005

Can my luck go any more worst?

When u think that the worst is over. Do think again coz it might get even worst. I can't stop feeling that for this whole month i'm clouded with bad luck. What ever i do seems not right or the worst come to worst the bad luck come knocking on ur door step without you actually noticing it. I'm trying my best not to think too much or look at different angel or have different view regarding all the bad luck or should i say obstacle that i'm facing. But....... I even think of it as another life obstacle that i'll need to hurdle through. So far i'm still able to manage through all this but not sure for how long. Here's the list of bad luck that i encounter so far:

-escalation from user
-work issue
-tyre puncture
-speeding ticket

Hopefully the list will not go any more longer and will stay this way. Haih.. wat can i do except just hope for the best and take it as is it... As my title of the blog said it all, i'm into unknown passage of life.. :/


Blogger ED said...

hope the bad luck will fast fast go away, all the best to u. good luck.

11:28 am  
Blogger mighty bento said...

don't worry too much. Take it as challenge. The harder u fall, the stronger u will be...

8:45 pm  
Blogger fei said...

thanx guys for the support :D.. hopefully everything will go soon soon lei lei ;)

7:53 pm  

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