Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Birthday Holiday from Fei's Perspective ;)

Last Saturday went up to Genting with the gang. Purposely just to celebrate our tai kor, Afoi and tai kar jie, Felice big big day. This time the gang consist of Afoi, Felice, Me, Princess, Bento, Bento's Gf, Dv, Dv's Gf, Ly, Ly's Gf and Ed. Genting was the place choosen after few round of democratic voting. So decided to meet up at somewhere near Gombak toll both at 1pm SHARP!!. 3 cars were used for this outing and the gang were divided into 3 groups. Felice and Ed follow my car. While Ly became the second car drive. He incharge of fetching his gf, Bento and Bento's gf. DV also got a chance to become driver. He became the 3rd car driver. He incharge of fetching her gf, Afoi and Princess.

After fetching Ed and Felice from their place straight head towards the Gombak toll. Meet up at BP station near the toll. Ly group had edi arrive and still no sign of DV group. Dv called up and inform that they will be arriving late and ask us not to wait for them and to go up 1st. So without futhur delay. We started our engine and head toward Genting. My car, a humble 1.3 Iswara.. Seems like a green turtle climbing up the slope with the windows wind down. LOL, but luckily the car didn't failed on me and manage to reach hunted RIA apartment safely :D. The weather was kinda nice. Not very hot. Very foggy and cold. Nice feel. Together with Ly we went and park our car. At this time still no sign of DV's group. Felice went and check in at the reception counter. After check-in we brought up all our luggage into the apartment. We stayed at 19 floor. Great :D.

After taking the lif up to 19 floor. There's some confusion on where the location of our apartment. But luckily able to successfully locate the apartment. Felice tried to unlock the apartment door. Seems like the door is a maze by it self. It will need to turn few time before u can actually unlock it. Then after successfully unlock the door. There's another problem.. seems like the key can't be take out. After few fail attempt to take out the key by Felice and Ly. I tried to take out the key and i were successfully at it :D. Seems like the key can't be taken out at a vertical position. It only can be taken out at a horizontal position.

After everyone make their self comfy. Time to go for lunch. Since Dv group still haven't reach. We decided to go to 1st World to take our lunch while waiting for them to arrive and also to get a birthday cake. All of us walked up to 1st World and went to Burger King. Seems like the food is kinda expensive compare with Kl and abit smaller in size. Anyhow we still need to eat. After a while at last DV group arrive. Requested them to come up to 1st World as we had the apartment key and they doesn't ;p. Once meet up went on for some windows shopping. The girls (Felice, Princess and Bento's Gf) seems like really enjoying themself in Genting 1st World. They went on a shopping spree. While the girls busy shopping. The rest went to walk around and sat down at a toy exibition. The sales person intro a new card game and invited Afoi, Ly, Ly's Gf to play the card game. After ahwile DV group decided to go for a lunch session coz they still haven't taken their lunch. While they went for lunch. Some of us enjoy the performance on the stage. Bento suggested to go for a gondola ride. Went to search high and low for the place to purchase the ticket. But luckily able to find the counter to purchase the tix. Btw the time we able to find the counter everyone regroup back and join in the fun.

While on the floating gondola. We took few picture. Will need to refer to the licklick gang blog for more photo. After tat went to visit the Ripley's Belief It or Not aka Ripley's Percaya Atau Tidak?. It's very very nice place to hang out especially if u never go before. A lot of weird and interesting thing to see. From record breaking to those unbelievable thing like touching an Africa wooden status will make u to have baby. After spending a while in there. Proceed to go back. Before going back went to search and get the birthday cake. Here's the interesting part. Princess decided to let the birthday girl know tat we going to get a cake for her and also let her to choose the cake while trying to keep it a secret from the birthday boy. Hmmm... Did u feel is there anything wrong??..Is there a logic to it? LOL.. Went to Baskin Robbin to get the cake. There's few choices to choose from. At the end a nice white ice-cream cake with brownish chocolate stripe/coating plus Oreo biscuits as topping . Yummy :D. Atfer getting the cake proceed to go back to apartment.

The cake was quickly put inside the freezer to prevent it from melting. Phew! Luckily the freezer was able to fit the cake. Everyone start to settle down. Watch some tv show on the tv. Then try out a game of twister. Nice game if u play with 4 ppl. Word of advise.. Bring tit tah jau (ubat urut) or yoko yoko ;p. After a while time for dinner. Went down to Gotong Royong Jaya for dinner at one of the restaurant. Order about few dishes for 11 ppl headcount. Princess ordered the most expensive dishes of fish, Suet Yee. (Sorry dunno wat's call in english). Then other dishes were vege, tauhu aka beancurd and can't really wat else edi :P. Then come the time to pay the bill by the big bosses, Afoi and Felice. The final price was kinda suprising for some. It's only cost about rm200+. Some might think it's cheap and some might think it's expensive compare with the location of the restaurant and restaurant in KL.

After dinner. Went up to Ria again. Before my group head up agian. We went to search for ice. Seems like no luck. Seems like there's no shop selling ice. Onli a lot of Fruit stalls. Anyway it wouldn't stop us from having fun and emjoy ourself later on :D. So proceed to drive up again. Yet again my car crawling up like turtle agian :p. Dv took some nice scenery photo while waiting for us. Pls check lick lick gang page for more picture. Inside the apartment everyone start to find something to do. Afoi showing off his card tricks. Some busy watching tv. After a while. Start to continue back with the Twister game. While some busy playing the game. Everyone take turn to take shower. When Princess wanted to take drinking water. Dv's gf was nearby and said something disturbing. She saw something moving.......... COuld it be a ...... Nah! No worries.. It's nothing just Bento passing by onli.

Then come the birthday cake cutting session. Before the clock struck 12am. The cake was brought out from the freezer. Did i mention that the freezer ice cube tray contain some baby crocoaches? ;p. Too bad didn't took any pic to show. Continue back to the cake cutting session. The cake still look nicely after inside the freezer for few hours. Phew luckily it didn't melt. Prepare the candle. As the clock struck 12. The candle were light up and the bday boy and girl. Stand infornt of the cake. Wait i should said sit infront of the cake ;) while we sang birthday song for them. While we were singing bday song. Bento somehow got creative in the birthday's lyric ;P. Afoi and Felice blew the candle and cut the cake. They seems to have some difficult in cutting the cake as it was frozen hard. Then Ly took charge to cut the cake with his muscle power. The cake was successfully cut into few pieces and divided out to everyone. Mainly all of them got the topping with Oreo biscuit. Too bad i dun have :/. But there's an option to add in ur own Oreo biscuit as earlier had bought a extra packet of Oreo biscut. Anyway i didn't open the biscuit. Still enjoyed eating the cake. Especially the chocolate coating was dam nice to eat.

After everyone finish the cake and clean up. The next session of fun begin. The drinking session :D. I brought up a half bottle of JD from the previous outing session to Castle and extra bottle of gin. Dv oso brought up a bottle of Absolute. Then Princess also brought up red wine. Then for this trip also bought a extra bottle of so called sweet red wine. Seems like misunderstood with the meaning of sweet. It's not really sweet like ribeena. It's just another red wine. Hmmmm i guess it's smoother in taste. After bottom ups the sweet red wine. We play again the hand game. Since there's no ice to mix with the drink. It make it abit difficult to drink. The worst come to worst. Mix with peal fresh orange!! Not a very recommended combination. We had to mix with peal fresh as someone forgotten to go and buy soft drink from KL. I wonder who's that person? While playing this game. Ly and Ed offer to go buy soft drink to lesser our sufferness from drinking the mixture.

While they went out to get the soft drink we still proceed with the game. After few round. Some started to get blur coz need to bottom up once in awhile if no one get the same hand style. During this we successfully finish the JD and Absolute. Too bad can't finish the gin. The Gin wasn't soo nice and have a very hight content of alcohol. After few round. Decided to bottom up and go to sleep as some of them is getting dam blur especially Princess. If u look closer at her u can start to see sausage hanging out from her face :P. Bento's Gf also seems to be in a blur blur case edi. Then u can see Dv sitting lifeless on the chair. Hehe ;p.. Basically everyone getting blur edi. Princess try to go in the room to sleep but somehow she couldn't able to fall a sleep becos of too drunk?. Princess came out and suggest to go out and have a midnite walk. So Afoi and I agreed and went out with our short and it's freezing cold outside. We went to the parking lot. Took some nice picture and some nice scenery pic by Afoi. Then went to have a walk walk along the pathway to go up to genting. Just only walk halfway. Afoi took some nice scenery pic. Then went to the Ria apartment open area/garden to have sit at the bench. Afoi again took some nice pic. Then after while there decided to go up and go to sleep.

Once reached up and open the door saw few dead bodies lying down on the floor.. Opps i mean few ppl sleeping at the hall ;p. Bento, Ed, Ly and his gf seems sleeping soundly. Didn't disturb them. Princess, Afoi and I proceed to the room. Afoi and I took the hard bed. Princess took the soft tilam. But she didn't stay there long coz she went to sleep at the next room. Before she left she jia jia trying to be nice by offering Afoi and I the blanket tat she was covering. Her actuall intention was get off from the room asap coz someone was snoring kinda loud ;p. Fyi.. I didn't mention it was DV ar :P. Princess went to the next room to sleep with bento's gf and Felice. Despite the snoring Afoi and I were still able to sleep through the nite without any problem.

Then the next morning got waken up by Bento's gf. She first went to disturb afoi to wake him up to use the bathroom. Then follow by me. The reason for doing this is to minimize the waiting time to use the bathroom and able to check out on time. After everyone took their shower and packup. It's time to leave. All of us didn't depart back to KL straight away. Went up to 1st World to had our breakfast in a HK style retaurant. Forgotten the name edi. The food there was so so onli. I say so so because i don't really like wat i had order. I order dunno wat XO something rice. Not sure about others coz their food look much more nicer then nice. The drink there can say not bad. Ordered a ying yong HK style. Nice. For more info can refer to the lick lick gang page.

After everyone finish their food. For some of it's time to depart. Ly group consist of his gf, bento and bento's gf headed back to KL 1st. While the rest of us went into casino. Went in there for a while. Felice and Dv with her gf went to play table game. Afoi, Princess and I went to try out the slot machine. After awhile there time to go off and went to Coffee Bean. Had a glass of hot chocolate.. uhmm.. nice chocolate flavour especially it's serve hot on a cold weather :D. Basically everyone drank the same thing except for Dv, Dv's gf and Ed. Spend some time there. CHit chated.

Then come the time to say bye bye. Bid farewell to each and other and headed back to the car. Drove down. Fetch Felice back 1st then follow by Ed. Really had a wonderfull time in Genting especially with a bunch of frens which can get along together. Btw for those who didn't make it this time. Pls do come for the next function. cheers :D


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wow..such a long and detail post!!! thanks for the great time~ *muacks*

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hehe.. ur welcome :D

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