Friday, July 08, 2005

Yes! Yes! Last day of midnite + Off day

Yesterday or should i said this morning should be my last day of my midnite work. After work straight away go home and took my shower and off to my bed. TOnite will be going for K as tonite will be my off day :(..

Why am i showing this sad face. COz i'll be working tomorrow. I onli got about few hours of off day. Went home straight shower then zzzzzzzzZZZZZZ..

Then later woke up. Shower and prepare to go out. Went to fetch princess but somehow reach her place late. So no choice can't fetch Felice and need to ask her to find transportation to go 1st as princess and i confirm going to be late. My thousand appology to Felice for not able to fetch her.

So rush like mad to Time Square. Park my car went up to Neway K. Still left back about an hour + before the buffet session end. When we reach in the room. Saw Felice and Bento busy enjoying themself with food and song. Princess and i waste no time dash out and try to grab as much food as we could.

After filling up our stomach or should i said while filling up our stomach the K session had begin. We sang until 1 something then proceed to fetch everyone one by one. A

lthough my off day was a short one but luckily it didn't goes to waste. TOo bad tomorrow need to work. IT's Saturday why do i need to work lar????


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