Monday, July 04, 2005

Summary of Midnite work life

Haih! sienz ler.. have to work mid nite.. I have been complaining about working midnite for this whole week. Midnite shift is the most abnormal shift that anyone to work. I said abnormal shift coz i need to work from 12am in DA MOrning. It's the time where anyone either sleeping soundly at home or just starting to go to bed while i just start my work. I'll be finishing my wrok at 9am where everyone else either off to work or busy preparing for work.

Anyway my midnite routine have been around the same. Around 11.30pm i'll be off to work. Reach office. Loging into the system around 11.59pm. Start my work with either waiting for the call or there will be a queue call waiting to be pick up. Middle of the waiting for call i'll normally find something else to do. It will be eiter watching some TVB series or listening to some song. Then came morning. Around 5.30am will be my break. I'll need to walk furthur to pbd to take my breakfast as the stall below office haven't open. At 6.30 am i'll be back at my cubicle. Prepare to start work. Around this time i'll start to get sleepy. Pick up few more call until 9 a.m.

Yahoo..! at last can go home but sometimes i'm not sooo lucky.. Last min before i log off there's some call coming in. I'll need to pick up the call and it will drag from 30 min to 1 hour or more. Once settle everything i'll be very happy to reach home and shower then proceed to do the most important thing. SLeep :D


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