Saturday, July 23, 2005

Saturday MOrning Activities

Woke up around 9am waiting for dv to come and fetch me to taman paramout for a jogging session. Dv, Afoi and me decided to go for joging this early morning Saturday.

After Dv fetch me we proceed to taman paramout. We jog for a while (dunno got 15min or not) then rest for awhile. Straight no stamina. Then proceed to walk then jog around the area. After a while proceed to have our breakfast.

Went to ss2 to eat wantan mee and sui kau. Then after that dv fetch me home and fetch afoi back. Later in the afternoon. We have another meet up session. This time dv didn't join as he will be going to accompanying his gf.

Going to have a trip discussion on where wanna go this year. Meet at 1U. Chated and discuss for awhile. Then go han kai kai. Went to bookshop to so call searching for information on the place ideal for visit. I left the gang about 7pm coz going to meet up with my Secondary school frens.

Went home. Shower and change and went out again. Meet up with my secondary school fren. This is my crazy secondary school gang. Last time used to always go mamak and do some crazy stuff. Went for dinner in Subang. We chated and it's was a nice evening since long time never see and got together.


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