Saturday, July 16, 2005

Few hours trip in PD

At last it's Saturday again and best of all i'm off today and tomorrow. This morning sleep until 11am. WOke up.. Couldn't sleep until very late although i tried to sleep until late. I guess my body got used to waking up early in the morning since working morning shift. I assume it must be a good thing.

After i wake up. Lazy around. Went and take my shower. Then took my breakfast that my mom bought for me. After i continue to lazy around until 12pm. Afoi call me up to ask will i be joining him to go shopping with follow princess and felice. I said can't coz need to go Imbi to help my cousins to get some computer stuff.

Went out around 1pm and the traffic were kinda heavy around Bukit Bintang. It took me about 1hour + to reach Imbi. I park my car at Time Square. Walk across the road to Imbi. Started my computer stuff shopping spree. Around 2 something receive call from Afoi asking wanna go watch movie or not. I said yes and Afoi said will try to get Initial D or War of The Worlds ticket. After a while Afoi call back and said can't get both tix and ask me to check in Time Square.

After i bought all the stuff for my cousins. I proceed to Time Square to go to the GSC cinema to check for the tix available for War of The Worlds as GSC not showing Initial D. As i were walking toward receive call from Afoi said wanna go PD this evening. Go PD for a 1 day trip (few hours actually) I said sure why not. So set evening will be heading off to PD. Afoi ask me to go back home 1st.

So get my car and drove back home. Before i reach home I make a stop at cousin D house to help him to install a brand new 512mb ram into his system. Once settle drove home. Took my dinner. Call up Afoi and told him that i have edi reach home. Time set at 5.30pm to depart from Felice place to PD. Later on call back Afoi said will need to set the depature time later coz need to fetch Hou Kor from his place near Sungai Way. Before that make a stop at cousin MM to pass her the stuff that she ask me to buy for her from Imbi. After that proceed to fetch Hou Kor and go to Felice place.

Reach her place kinda late. Fetch everyone (Felice, Afoi and Princess) and here we go to PD. Reach PD around 7 something and stillundecided what do to. So basically drive straight. After awhile asking suggestion to where to go 1st at last decided to go beach 1st. Look for a beach and stop there. Went down and walk along the sandy beach for awhile. It's was kinda dark so can't see anything much. TOo bad no wave sound. But we can hear and see alot of helicopter as describe by afoi aeroplane flying pass by above us.

Then come dinner time. Seems like if someone going to stay in PD for a long period will need to prepare for some adjustment. There's a lot of malay restaurant but very few chinese restaurant. We make a stop at a malay restaurant but too bad not much variety of dishes to choose from. So decided to bail out and search for chinese restaurant. At 1st seems like no luck locating a chinese restaurant. But luckily after few minutes of searching around and choosing the so call rite restaurant to eat. We found a chinese seafood restaurant which look kind okie (pack with ppl not pack with flies). We ordered few dishes. If not mistaken we ordered about 5 dishes plus a plate of meehoon and fried rice and chinese tea. All of us were able to finish everything. Hiam hiam wipe the plate clean. Chit chated for awhile. Although the food there were just okok but we were kinda supprise when paying the bill. Everything just cost about RM56++ and that for 5 pax. That's a good deal that u normally wouldn't able to find in KL.

After dinner session straight head back to KL. This time the journey back seems faster then go to PD. Didn't fetch everyone back 1st. Went for a session of yamcha although princess seems abit reluctant to go yamcha. We went to princess old place area to yamcha. Here we are again having another chit chat and bill settle session.

Fetch everyone back after that. Fetch Felice back 1st and also make a washroom stop at her place. Then proceed to fetch princess follow by Afoi then Hou kor. Reach home around 3am.


Blogger ED said...

eh, fei.. where got aeroplane? helicopter lar..

12:20 pm  
Blogger afoi said...

see.. i told you.. it IS helicopter...

1:42 pm  
Blogger ED said...

this is my 1st time saw this kind of MAS helicopter... amazing..

2:40 pm  
Blogger afoi said...

ED, trust me, there's STILL alot of thing u havent see...

4:28 pm  
Blogger ED said...

Latest news latest news, MAS UFO will be fly soon....

5:36 pm  
Blogger fei said...

afoi, okilor.. it's a helicopter lor with out any rotter blade.. althought it look much more like an aeroplane

7:13 pm  

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