Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Back to normal life

Yesterday was my off day. Didn't do anything much. Just basically stay at home and watch Jewel In The Place that i had downloaded earlier on. Although Astro is showing it right now on every Sat and Sun but i never manage to chance to catch all the episode. So now i'm watching it from the start and while trying to download the whole 71 episode.. Btw never support pirated vcd and never buy it from pasar malam. Always support original!. Tat's why i'm downloading it :p

Today i'm back to morning shift after 2 weeks of suffering midnite shift. Started work at 9am and i guess this morning is the only morning where i'm able to loging early :P coz i came out kind early :D.

This morning call queue were kinda nice. No call queue but there's calls but not tooo hetic. I'm able to spend sometime to chit chat over msn and best of all i'm on available mode in msn :D. Hope this kinda of situation will last until end of the week. Somehow when clock struck 6pm. The call queue start to build up. Phew! i told my self coz it's time for me to go back. Yeah! But although i have already finish work. The call queue kinda make me worried coz next week i'll be working afternoon so next week it might have to endure such high call queue. Hopefully next week will be different :/.

Today also will be the last working day of one of my department TL. Going to miss her presence in the department coz i'll be loosing a place for me look for guidance and assistant. Wish her good luck all the best in her in job :D


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