Sunday, July 03, 2005

ANother Cousin DAy Out

Been working midnite shit shift and work until blur. Started at 12am then blur till 9am. Yippie then to go back to sleep.

Reach home.. Straight to shower. Then brush my teeth and straight to bed. Slept until around 3 something cause woke up by phone call. It's afoi calling to ask wanna go watch movie or not. I said no prob. Then back to sleep again but couldn't sleep for long. Wake up again few minute later. Receive few sms from Afoi said couldn't get the movie ticket but will try to get the ticket. Then got a sms from my cousin, MM. Oh no! Just remember tat tonite i'll be having dinner + yamcha + cousins get together session. So call up afoi to check on the movie ticket status. Afoi said still can't get movie ticket. So decided to bail out from joining afoi since can't get the ticket and join my cousins.

This time i'll be going out with another group of cousins. Coincidently i have another cousin just came back from Australia for a visit. Will be going back soon. She suggested to go out for a dinner session and also a get together session with other cousins. SO my cousin, MM gather all the cousin and have all my cousin waited at her parents place. Went to her place then fetch all the cousins and then went to SS2, wong kok char chan tien. All my cousins ordered as much as they could eat and drink as much as they can coz someone will be spending them, tat's me :S coz i'm the eldest. We chated and enjoyed ourself. One of my cousin, SY will be entering U tomorrow morning and will be her orientation day. Wish her all the best.

IT was a very enjoying session. So we didn't go back so early after the dinner session coz another cousin suggest to go to the nearby mamak stall for a drink session. So went to Murni.. As usual the place will be pack with alot of ppl. Everyone just order drink this time coz edi full from the previous session. But my australia cousin, MM ordered a Haiwaiian roti canai coz she said long time didn't enjoy malaysia food edi and also recommend by the waiter. It have alot of stuff inside and tasty too. The drink that the waiter recommend also not bad.. I ordered the mango special. WOw! never regretted order mango special. It was dam nice. IT's basically mango blended with ice and some jelly. Highly recommended. While some of my cousin order order teh tarik and another special blend .. but forgotten the name edi.

After a while there. Time for me to fetch all my cousin back home. TO my surprise when i went to the washroom. They pay for the drink coz i thought of after going to the washroom. I'll just go and ask for the bill. After fetching all the cousin home.. i Proceed to go home. It was a enjoying nite especially with of my cousin.


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