Saturday, June 04, 2005

Sat Sat Sat Sat Sat :D

After a week of hard work.. Not too mention a tiring morning shift work. I'm now enjoying my weekend off :D. So happy able to off today.

Today woke up around 2pm. Can't sleep too late coz promise my cousin going to bring back his stuff to change. It's a external hdd case tat i bought for him last week. Seems like there some problem so need to be change but somehow he decided to change it to a nb hdd. SO took my shower and had my lunch then went out. Going back to Imbi to change the stuff. Mom said there's some problem with the car alarm. The alarm keep on beeping even though all the car door have been close properly. Can't bother much about this problem coz need to rush to kl.

Today traffic wasn't that heavy but slow moving even it's on a Saturday. FOrgotten to mention today is Agong birthday. SO it's a public holiday for some. Reach jalan imbi. Park my car in Time Square again. Yes i just came to time square yesterday nite. THere's alot alot of ppl. I have to my car kinda up up in the sky. I have spend just about 20 min just to park my car. At last when i reach the 9th floor of time square i was able to find a spot for my car.

Walk to imbi. Help my cousin to change his stuff. Then stay for awhile to chit chat with my ex-colleague and my fren. After spending about 1 hour there. Then time to go home. Actually time to delivery back the good to my cousin. He had been bugging with when am i going to change the stuff and when going to bring back to him. So drove straight to his house and pass the stuff to him. He was kinda happy to see me his stuff :P.

After pass the stuff to him. Go mingle with my car problem. At last found out wat causing the alarm to sound off. It's was a case of loose rubber at the car door sensor. FIx it then the problem was solve :D. Straight to home. Nothing much after that. Just basically enjoying the time at home :D and bloging about it now.


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