Saturday, June 04, 2005

Long awaited Friday

The day has finally come.. Oh yes! IT's friday again! Meaning tomorrow is my off day :D. Today work was kinda hectic (been hearing and learning this word from felice ;p). Alot of agent had gone MIA (MC). SO left back few agent on the floor to answer call.

The call wasn't high but becos of less agent on the floor. The queue become long and it's showing RED. Anyway my duty for today doesn't involve much of receiving call but the other way around. Call back the stupid users to ask them what is their problem and then assist them to solve their stupid problem.

This is also one of the day where i have only half and hour break but one thing good about this break is food is provided (tah pau). The foood was kinda okie but luxury.

Judge for your self ;). My mix rice. (vege+beancurd+friedchick+notsure)
Tah pau from the stall below

Busy calling back the user until finish work. BUt still can't go back early still need to finish some other unfinish work. So around 8++pm cabut from office. Reach home. took my shower. Receive call from bento to ask to fetch him from lrt station. Tonight going to watch madagascar :D with the guys and gurs. Went to dinner with bento, afoi and kungJU. After that straight to GSC, time square. Afoi follow princess car. While bento follow my car. I went to fetch felice from her house then head to time square.

After went into the cinema. We spend about 10 to 20 min watching ads!! Oi!! Why there's is sooo many ads? Sien nor! But still thankfull still no NegaraKu singing yet.. Phew! After all the ads. At last the movie started. It's was a funny movie. Laugh from start until the end. But too bad the movie duration seem kinda short. Hope it could be long. For some review or sypnosis about this movie. Please refer to dude blog: Madagascar Premiere

After the movie end. We bid farewelll and went back home.


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